Study Business Administration

There’s one in just about every progressive office: someone who quickly grasps the “big picture” of both how things work and how to move things forward. Behind that “go-to-person” savvy, you’re likely to find a woman or man who was a Business Administration major.

SMWC offers the following business administration degree programs:

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About Business Administration

Businesses need people who understand marketing, accounting and management. A broad background in those areas is part of the training and experience you’ll receive through your Business Administration degree at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. One of the interesting things about Business Administration professionals is that they tend to be attentive to detail, but also have a great ability to analyze the bigger picture of a project or venture.

Perhaps that’s why business administration jobs are growing at a higher-than-average rate, according to federal labor reports. If you like the thought of being hands-on and knowledgeable about many areas of business, our business administration program, with its balance of practical and theoretical course work, is a great fit for you.

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Careers in Business Administration

The Business Administration major can serve multiple purposes and offers the student a variety of options.  It is especially appropriate for students who may want to manage their own businesses.

A wide range of business administration degree jobs is available for business majors and those in business administration:

  • small business management and related entrepreneurial activities
  • wide variety of entry-level administrative and managerial positions
  • not-for-profit and health care industries
  • graduate studies in business (MBA) or in law

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