Social Marketing Internship

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) will accept applications for social media virtual team internships for the Fall 2013 semester which will support local non-profit organizations.

In the internship, campus and distance education students will work in teams to establish social media presences for local area non-profit organizations. SMWC uses a web-conferencing classroom that supports a team environment. This classroom and the program were originally funded by the Ball Venture Fund.  It was very successful for both students and NFPs.

Students will partner with not-for-profit organizations and utilize the new technologies to conduct virtual meetings with fellow team members and their not-for-profit partners. Students will first determine the needs of the agency; secondly, establish a social marketing strategy to address those needs; and thirdly, implement the strategy. The students will learn to work in professional teams, earn college credit, and learn effective applications of social marketing.

What is Social Marketing?

Social marketing is the use of social networks, online communities, blogs or other online collaborative media for marketing, sales or fundraising, public relations, and customer service. Common social media marketing tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, wikis, and YouTube are used to create messages that attract attention and become viral in nature, or create a "buzz."  Buzz is what makes social media marketing work.

According to Dr. Jennie Mitchell, principal investigator of the grant, "Research suggests that organizations [including not-for-profits] which adopt social media strategies can increase fundraising as much as 40 percent." 

Student Project Goals

  1. Develop skills and ability to work effectively in teams.
  2. Develop effective skills for working in virtual, online environments.
  3. Learn to use social marketing techniques effectively.
  4. Have an increased appreciation for value of diversity among team members.
  5. Have an increased awareness of ethical concerns of social marketing.
  6. Benefit from participating and presenting their social marketing projects in competitions sponsored by the Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) chapter. 

Students: Applications will be accepted August 2013

SMWC students interested in applying to take part in the experiment are encouraged to do so. Your academic advisor must recommend as an intern, but the application is recommended.


Applications for Non-Profits

Non-Profits:  Apply Online

Not-for-profit organizations that would like to receive help developing and implementing a social media strategy are encouraged to apply.

Applications will be accepted June 2013

Application (Email) (Word Document - 20KB)
Application (Postal Mail) (PDF - 102KB)
Application (Example) (PDF - 109KB)



If you have questions or comments about the application, please contact:

Dr. Jennie Mitchell
(812) 535-5279

Ball Brothers Foundation
Independent Colleges of Indiana