Mobile Museum Developers

iPadpic.jpgIn this pilot project, up to 5 teams of distance and residential college students embed gamification in mobile learning objects for a 280-member museum consortium. Content will be available through the Association of Science-Technology Centers to individuals and K-12 classes nationwide. 

Students will be provided new mobile devices (e.g., iPad or Kindle Fire) for the semester to test learning objects created as projects. These devices are funded in part by the Motorola Mobility Grant. Students will use these as their own.




About the Internship

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) is accepting applications to virtual team internships to support a 280-member museum consortium. 

SMWC uses a web-conferencing classroom that supports a team environment.  The web-conferencing classroom and this program was originally funded by the Ball Venture Fund.  It was very successful for both students and NFPs. 

Teams will develop interactive digital educational activities that incorporate gamification to enhance museum displays and extend learning into homes and K-12 classrooms. Students will tap college and university researchers/experts to develop open source content that can be accessed on electronic museum displays or by personal cell phones, tablets, or PCs, and that is tied to education standards for use in K-12 classrooms.


Terre Haute Children's Museum
Motorola Mobility Foundation


Students Apply Online for More Information!

Are you creative?  Do you like working on projects in a team environment?  Are you interested in developing content for museums?  The first step is filling out this form.  You will be contacted with more information.


If you have questions or comments about the application please contact:

Dr. Jennie Mitchell
(812) 535-5279

Dr. D.J. Wasmer,
Chair, Business and Leadership
(812) 535-5261


Participating Students Will Learn to:

  1. Use crowd-sourcing techniques to engage a national audience.
  2. Use virtual meeting technology to implement projects with national museum consortia personnel.
  3. Use project management software to organize projects from concepts to completion.
  4. Create interactive learning objects that are optimized for mobile delivery.
  5. Embed gamification concepts such as rewards and frequent feedback into interactive learning objects.
  6. Test and evaluate learning objects on a range of mobile touch devices.