Marketing at The Woods

Marketing continues to be one of the fastest growing professions. The rapidly evolving economy demands professionals who can communicate, plan, and innovate. Marketing is essential to organizations in their search for survival and growth.

The College offers the following marketing degrees and programs:

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On campus, at home, or online.

Choose a traditional classroom experience by studying marketing on campus or take advantage of the flexibility of distance learning by studying marketing online.

The marketing major is offered in two formats:

Let us prepare you for a career in marketing.

The Marketing Major prepares students for entry-level marketing positions in both business and not-for-profit organizations or enhances the skills of more experienced life-long learners. With a marketing major, you will be prepared for a variety of marketing careers and positions.

Marketing courses apply the concepts of designing, promoting, distributing and pricing goods and services. Marketing majors learn how to discover human needs and then the system of interrelated activities that allow organizations to meet those needs.