Marketing Jobs

Sales and Customer Service

Many marketing careers are available in sales and sales-related fields. Openings can be found in a wide variety of organizations, including manufacturers, wholesalers and service organizations.

Product Management

Many companies have given product managers major responsibility for determining customer needs, and translating these into goods and services that will satisfy them. Product managers work closely with engineers, manufacturing executives and others concerned with the product offering of a firm.

Marketing Research

The importance of marketing research has grown rapidly over the past decade. A marketing major in this field gathers information needed by management concerning the marketing environment in which a firm operates. They often provide data used for internal control and decision-making, as well.

Advertising and Sales Promotion

These professionals use television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other outlets to present information about goods and services, and to complement the sales force. Marketing careers in advertising may be pursued in independent agencies as well as in advertising departments of manufacturing, wholesale and retail firms.


The distribution of raw materials and finished products through the economic system has expanded greatly during the past five years. Logistics management deals with the development of efficient distribution systems in support of manufacturing and marketing.


A variety of retailing organizations seek individuals with the type of background and training provided in the marketing curriculum. Career tracks in retailing can lead to management positions, as buyers or in-store operations managers, with a marketing degree.

Managing Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-business organizations, such as governmental agencies, hospitals, charitable organizations, schools and universities, are rapidly recognizing the need for marketing managers. A number of marketing degree jobs in public information, consumer relations, pricing analysis and marketing analysis are available.

International Marketing

Marketing careers are available in the headquarters of corporations with international subsidiaries, as well as with international business partners of domestic firms. International management positions are also available. An increasing number of positions are arising with international companies that have begun operations in the United States. Many of the people in international business positions are recruited from those with marketing backgrounds, because marketing is the function that most directly deals with the business environment, whether international or domestic.