Phi Beta Lambda Events

Professional Leadership Speakers:

Robert L. Flott, Professional Writer, Journalist, Writing Teacher, Editor, Event Promoter and Entertainment Consultant.

  • Topic Social Media
  • Tuesday, October 23rd from 12 (noon) - 1 p.m.
  • Meets in Hulman Hall room 001 in basement
  •  Did you miss the event?  Watch the recorded webinar:  [Recorded Webinar]

Lisa Papperworth, Executive Director of Human Resources at Clabber Girl Corporation

  • Tuesday, September 18th from 12 (noon) - 1 p.m.
  • Meets in Hulman Hall room 001 in basement
  • Lunch will be provided at event
  • May attend virtually

Danny Wayne Beemer, Program Director Serving Visually Impaired Clients at the Wabash Independent Living & Learning Center

  • Thursday, November 6th from 12 (noon) - 1 p.m.
  • Meets in Hulman Hall room 213
  • Lunch provided at the event

Professional Leadership Development Opportunities:

Terre Haute Rotary Club Weekly Meeting:  Every Tuesday

  • Attend Downtown Terre Haute Rotary International Club (weekly luncheon/speaker)
  • Meets every Tuesday at Holiday Inn
  • Cost of lunch is $9.00
  • Contact Dr. Jim Tanoos for travel arrangements and guest status.
  • View photos from past meetings

Terre Haute Young Leaders Meeting Photos


March 1, 2012: Amanda Staub


February 2, 2012: Tiruo Liu, Jordan Bedella, Darby Hall


December 1, 2011: Diana Hernandez-Cruz


November 3, 2011: Bailey Birt, Ashley Tharpe, Katelyn Duke, Patricia Jones, and Young Leaders President

Rotary Club Meeting Photos

October 7, 2014: Jessica McManus, Richard Shagley (Rotary Club President), Bethany Arrigo, and Dottie King. Dottie King was the guest speaker and she gave an update about news and accomplishments at SMWC.