Student Veterans Organization (SVO)

The student chapter of the SVO was established in 2012. The goal of the SVO is to continue to plan activities that emphasize the importance of supporting students with past careers in the military, current students in the military, and students seeking military fields as careers. Ultimately, the SVO wishes to support projects that honor our military (e.g. the Veterans Day celebration). 

Veterans Day Celebration

In 2012, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College celebrated its second Veterans Day celebration with the following activites:


Roll Call to honor the fallen

On Monday, November 12, 2012, the names of more than 6,600 fallen soldiers were read aloud by students, faculty, staff and volunteers on the front lawn of SMWC's Rooney Library from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Create a Rosary

Several SVO officers helped students craft rosaries that used military camouflage colors.

rosary1.jpg rosary2.jpg rosary3.jpg rosary4.jpg rosary5.jpg rosary6.jpg


Fallen Soldier's Table

A fallen soldier's table was be set up in LeFer as well as Sodexo's dining hall. The following items were displayed:

SVO Officers

The faculty sponsor is Assistant Professor Frank Whittle.  Questions?  Contact Frank at X5161 or email