English Degree Jobs

English is not just English. English is history, philosophy, law, art, math and so much more. Maybe you want to write political speeches, brochures for nonprofits or edit for a publishing house. As an English major, you will find yourself often asked if you know what to do with an English degree. An English degree from SMWC will allow you to say, “Anything I want.” You can make your mark in English degree jobs such as:

The English major degree program at SMWC will also prepare you for a master’s or doctorate in many fields, such as law, journalism or communications. Employers constantly rank communication skills at the top of their must-have list. As an English major at The Woods, you will learn skills that will not only benefit you in class, but in all your lifelong goals.

As an English major or minor work closely with the Career Development Office to make professional contacts, to meet with alumnae working in the professional world, and to arrange for internships, externships or other practical learning experiences.