Careers in Spanish

Education is a field, which is growing fast, as school districts are instituting foreign languages programs in the elementary schools (FLEX - Foreign Languages Exploration - and FLES - Foreign Languages in the Elementary School) as well as in the middle schools. Many states predict shortages of language teachers at all levels of instruction.

Combined with a major or minor in digital media communication or computer information systems, the Spanish minor can open doors of opportunity for careers in instructional design as well as in language and humanities centers.

With the increasingly global economy, many American companies are doing business with Spanish-speaking countries in Mexico, as well as Central and South America. Metropolitan areas around the United States and many regions of the south contain high percentages of Spanish-speaking people; the ability to speak Spanish enhances anyone's resume and improves chances to get a job in business, education, social services, computer-information technology, and any other field.

Spanish minors are encouraged to work with the Office of Career Development staff and to become familiar with professional experience opportunities and other resources. Professional experience opportunities include internships, externships and supplemental learning experiences.