Audition Process

  1. Exact dates of Audition Dates must be confirmed by calling the Music and Theatre Department at (812) 535-5154.
  2. Audition Request Forms must be completed.
  3. The Chair of the Music and Theatre Department will contact the candidate to confirm audition date and time.
  4. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College will provide an accompanist. Candidates should send a copy of the audition materials to the Chair of the Music and Theatre Department at least two weeks prior to the scheduled audition.
  5. On the day of the audition, the candidate will have an opportunity to rehearse with the accompanist as needed and practice rooms will be available. The candidate will then perform for members of the music faculty at the assigned time. Teachers and/or parents may be present.
  6. The examiners may, at their discretion, stop the performance of any piece when they have heard enough to form a judgment. Candidates should observe da capo and dal segno signs, but other repeats of more than a few bars should not be played in the audition unless an examiner asks for them.
  7. Following auditions, the music faculty will conduct a short interview with each candidate to learn more about professional goals and interests, allowing time for questions.
  8. Music Therapy candidates will participate in a longer interview with music therapy faculty following the audition.
  9. The music faculty will then make decisions about acceptance to the specified music program. Recommendations to the Office of Admissions/Financial Aid regarding scholarship awards will be made upon acceptance to a program.

Applicants should be aware that auditions may be videotaped and recorded (for panel review only).