Audition Process

  1. Once a Music Audition Form is submitted, the Chair of the Dept. of Music and Theatre will contact you and confirm requested date or establish an alternative audition date.
  2. If you inquire about either of the music therapy undergraduate or campus equivalency programs, the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Music Therapy Program will contact you about the required Music Therapy Interview (typically arranged on the same day as the audition) and to make sure that you have received both printed and online materials about the music therapy program.
  3. If an accompanist is needed (vocalists only), you must contact the piano instructor per instructions on the website and/or Music Audition Form. Arrangements to rehearse on the Audition Day prior to audition can be made at this time.
  4. All auditions are held in the Conservatory, room 100, unless otherwise indicated.  Music Therapy Interview locations are typically in Conservatory 221.
  5. Prior to arrival on campus, you will receive information about the time and location of your audition, where you can warm-up/rehearse, and any other pertinent information.
  6. A music faculty member will greet you prior to your audition and escort you into the room where other faculty members will hear your audition. Typically, family members or friends wait outside, but if you want a family member present, just indicate this ahead of time.
  7. Following your audition, you will be asked to step out for a few minutes while the music faculty deliberate and make a decision about acceptance as a music major, acceptance on a probationary status, suggestions and encouragement to re-audition, or non-acceptance.
  8. The music faculty will make recommendations to the Office of Admissions/Financial Aid regarding scholarship awards when applicable and will indicate to you if they plan to make such a recommendation following the audition.
  9. A brief interview with the music faculty panel will follow each audition, and candidates are encouraged to ask questions at this time.
  10. If you are a music therapy candidate, a more thorough Music Therapy Interview will take place in a separate location following the audition or as communicated in writing or on the day of your arrival.