Careers in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music at SMWC is a comprehensive, liberal arts degree program that prepares students for various careers in music, and allows them to choose among many paths of graduate study. The coursework is also structured to allow students to combine a music major with a degree in another field, if they so choose, or serve as the music core of studies for Music Therapy, the other music major available at SMWC.

Two of the more obvious music education career paths for graduates are maintaining a private teaching studio, or working as a freelance performer. But, many other options for music careers are available some of the full-time musical organizations that are continually looking for high-quality musicians to fill their rosters include:

  • Military bands and choirs
  • Symphony orchestras
  • Professional choirs
  • Churches

Other settings which offer viable music jobs for the graduate with a music major:

  • Music libraries
  • Music retailers
  • Arts administration

Many of these positions require non-specific degrees, but the person holding a music degree will have an advantageous knowledge of the subject matter. Some employers in the general workplace also prefer to hire those with a music major, knowing the discipline and work ethic one must possess to complete such music programs.