Music Therapy Club

The SMWC Music Therapy Club was established in 2003 and is very active on campus. Some activities and events sponsored by MTC include: 

  • Guest speakers
  • Community outreach projects, such as leading music in after-school programs 
  • Facilitating music wellness experiences during Campus Health Awareness Week 
  • Participating in Race for the Cure and Relay for Life (teams, volunteering, etc.) 
  • Leading music groups for athletes during Special Olympics 
  • Campus-wide open mic nights 
  • Campus movie nights, which focus on specific topics 
  • Fundraisers, such as the fall Haunted Conservatory, and Singing Valentines in February 
  • Attendance at state, regional, and national music therapy conferences

Email faculty advisor Sharon R. Boyle, M.M., MT-BC, for more information.

Mission Statement

We believe that music bypasses the intellect, unleashes emotions, speaks to the soul, inspires the heart, and creates a connection through the ages.

Purpose Statement

The SMWC Music Therapy Club’s purpose is to educate the community of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and the community-at-large about music therapy; to enrich our perspective, as students, about the music therapist profession through experience and observation; and to promote the field of music therapy.

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