Schedules and Dates

Spring Residency        

January 14-17, 2016        

(Returning students only)

Summer Residency

May 30-June 4, 2016

(Returning Students Only)

Fall Residency I

August 11-13, 2016

(New and Returning students)

Fall Residency II

August 14-16, 2016

(New students)

*New students applying for the MTED program should select August for their Preferred Enrollment Term.

**Students will be placed in one of the two Fall Residencies by the program coordinator.
The College reserves the right to change these dates

Fall I
(16 wk term)
Cr. Spring I
(16 wk term)
Cr.Summer I
(8 wk term)
Music as Therapy  3  Therapeutic Processes  2 Clinical Improvisation  2
MT Clinical Skills I 3 MT Clinical Skills II 3 Expressive Movement 1
MTED Clinical Musicianship  1  MTED Practicum I 1 MTED Practicum II 1
        MTED Seminar
Professional Prep)






Student spends 3 days on campus. Do placement exams in guitar, piano, and voice at this time.  

Student spends 3 days on campus.
Competency exams Part I.

  Competency exams Part II (must pass to begin internship in Winter+). Student spends 5-6 days on campus.  
Total credits 7   6   6
Fall IICr.Spring IICr. Summer IICr.
MTED Practicum III 1 Internship** 4-6 Continue internship if need be.  
Music Psychology 2        
MT Research 2        
Conducting* 1        
Student spends 3 days on campus. *Offered if needed.          
Total credits 6   4-6