Study Medical Technology

The medical technology major is designed to prepare a student for work in a hospital or industrial laboratory after graduation. The most common setting for a medical technologist is as a hospital staff member who performs the laboratory tests on urine, blood, saliva and scraped cells. Because people's lives depend on the results of these tests, training for these positions is rigorous. However, the work is in an exciting environment, can be very rewarding and is in high demand.

                                           Medical Technology Course Requirements

About the Medical Technology Major

The program for a medical technologist consists of seven biology courses, including microbiology and immunology, as well as five courses in chemistry, including biochemistry, plus statistics and computer science. After completing the classroom coursework, a year-long hands-on clinical internship at a School of Medical Technology, e.g., Saint Francis Hospital and Health Centers or Good Samaritan Hospital is required for licensing. To be licensed, a national test must be passed after the clinical internship. A license in medical technology opens the door to numerous careers.

Career Possibilities

The job outlook for graduates of medical technology programs who have passed their licensing examinations is excellent. Career opportunities are present in both industrial and allied health settings.

Medical technologist jobs exist in a wide variety of settings, including: