Study Political Science

What do Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Peter Wentz, Elisabeth Shue, Rachel Maddow, Mia Hamm, Aisha Tyler and Rebecca Lobo all have in common? They studied political science.

The Political Science minor is a useful addition to any program of study for students wanting a better understanding of political processes and current events. Political science is a study in liberal arts – it incorporates a variety of areas such as history, religion, English, writing, philosophy and ethics. The study of political science is, at its most basic, concerned with the ways in which politics and power coincide, overlap and transform. While many people assume that political science is primarily concerned with governments, it can also address corporations, nonprofits, social groups and even individuals. Political science examines governmental behaviors and policies as well as the actions of groups that have joined together in support of or in opposition to a common cause.

A rigorous scientific study of how politics operates has a wide range of applications. Not only does the field seek to understand the relationships between governments, but it also studies the rights and responsibilities of the citizens themselves. Careers in public administration and political activity are available for graduates with knowledge of the discipline of political science.

Other employment opportunities might be in political campaigns, any branch of government, a non-profit organization, a politically-based website, government relations in for-profit or not-for-profit organizations, schools, magazines, political parties or teaching. These employers look for those who studied political science.

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