Study Political Science

We offer a minor in political science for the campus program, and our Online Degree program, Woods Online.

What is Political Science?

Political science is the study of government affairs and politics. Course study in public policy, national elections, political thought and globalization will prepare you for a career in political science.

What Can You Do with a Political Science Degree?

The political science minor is a useful addition to the program of study for students wanting a better understanding of political processes and current events. With knowledge of the discipline of political science, you will be prepared for a variety of political science careers including those in public administration and political activity.


Course Requirements

Political Science Minor - (18 credit hours)

Political Science Minor - Required Courses

15 credit hours required; all courses listed.

Study of the origin and development of the United States Constitution from the eighteenth century to the present; shows how the era and social and political conditions affected constitutional evolution; judicial appointments and their impact on Supreme Court decisions which shape contemporary and future society.

Introduces the study of political science, demonstrating those aspects of human behavior which the political scientist examines and the research tools employed. Explores the nature and purpose of politics, and patterns of authority, citizenship and political change. The goal is a solid theoretical framework for use in studying both American institutions and processes and other political systems in the world today.

Combines the study of state and local government and the American federal system. Students will view federalism as a dynamic relationship between the various levels of government in order to develop an understanding of the interplay of laws at each level.

A study of the economic, social and political conditions that gave rise to globalization. Examination of the modern history of selected countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East as case studies. Human rights, gender issues, and the environment will also be explored as they relate to the Third World.

Political Science Minor - Required Elective

Choose one of the following courses.

Study of the presidential election process from convention to election and the appointment of cabinet members. Topics include primary and convention politics, campaign strategies and the political qualification of individual candidates. Offered fall semester of a presidential election year.

Discusses and analyzes the processes of agenda setting, formulation, implementation and evaluation of public policies regarding selected issues such as housing, land use, health care and social services.

Information about Course Requirements
We do our best to keep this information updated, but you should always double-check to ensure you are meeting graduation requirements. For the most current course requirements please review the latest undergraduate college catalog.  Always consult your academic advisor when registering for courses or when you have questions about course requirements.