Journalism & Media Studies at the Woods

Journalism & Media Studies students learn to communicate relevant issues and ideas through a variety of mediums. As a journalism major at The Woods, you will learn how to become a journalist through developing a strong command of the basics of reporting, writing, designing, and editing publications through print, web, and interactive media; as well as studying photography, film, and public relations. A degree in Journalism & Media Studies prepares students to work in a variety of journalism jobs and media fields, including newspapers, magazines, book publishing, and digital media communication.

The College offers the following journalism programs:

Journalism & Media Studies is offered on campus and through online classes in our distance learning program, Woods Online.

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What is Journalism & Media Studies?

As a journalism major, you will work closely with faculty to develop the necessary skills for visual and written communication. You will develop a strong command of mass communication through courses and internships, and  also "learn the ropes" of the business and get real-world experience in journalism jobs by working for The Woods, the College's newspaper.

As digital technology is changing both the gathering and dissemination of information, SMWC offers a curriculum that allows students to learn the relationship between traditional and emerging media. The journalism major identifies the importance of both theory and practical knowledge, providing students with a well-rounded approach to both journalism and media.

Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in traditional, Web-based, and interactive journalism. Students will graduate from SMWC with a portfolio of profesional-quality work; prepared for a variety of careers in reporting, editing, and designing for both print and on-line publications, as well as producing video, audio, and sequential art.

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Campus Facilities

Hulman Hall houses the Department of Text and Image with shared space for the Art & Design and the Journalism & Media Studies majors, including classrooms, and up-to-date computer lab and a dedicated space for The Woods (the award-winning college student newspaper). A gallery allows students the opportunity to present and exhibit their work, while a lighting studio is available for both photography and videography projects. 

Students have access to Macintosh computers, scanners and printers, digital SLR cameras, video cameras and other multi-media equipment.

Faculty offices are also housed near the classrooms.


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