Introducing two new majors


Are you intrigued by criminal behavior?  Do you want to respond to this behavior by helping those affected by it?  If so, the criminology field may be perfect for you.

The Criminology major emphasizes a social science understanding of crime and criminal behavior including topics of social problems related to crime such as family violence, substance abuse, mental health issues, and oppression. Students will gain a solid understanding of the correctional system, within the context of the helping professions. Emphasis is also given on critical reading, writing and research.

Criminology major is offered in both the campus program and the Woods Online program.  Learn more.


Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is one of the fastest growing career areas. The healthcare administration program prepares students for positions in management or leadership in the healthcare industry. Our focus on developing critical thinking skills will prove to be beneficial as these professionals lead people and organizations in this field.

The healthcare administration program is offered in the campus program and to women and men in the Woods Online program. Students enter the program with a health related applied science associate degree and a minimum grade point average. Learn more

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SMWC unveils new opportunities in criminology and healthcare administration

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