Enrollment Ambassadors

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is rich in tradition and known for academic excellence.  Our alumnae/i often bring their SMWC experience into their own communities, relating their special experience to those around them.  With our Enrollment Ambassador program, we are looking to our alumnae/i to help maintain our tradition of enrolling talented students by opening doors for our admissions team.

Do you know a principal or guidance counselor at a local school? How about a local stable manager or administrator at a community arts center? These individuals can play an important role in a student’s college selection process. As an Enrollment Ambassador, you not only have the opportunity to share your experience and information about SMWC, but you also help to personalize the admissions process. We want Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College to be a student’s top choice!

How can you be an Enrollment Ambassador?

  • Step One – Sign-Up! Tell us a little about you and how you would like to help as an Enrollment Ambassador.
  • Step Two – Obtain admissions materials (available for download) from this webpage, or request that a packet of materials be mailed to you by contacting the admissions office at enrollmentambassadors@smwc.edu or by phone at 800-926-7692.
  • Step Three – Schedule a meeting with your high school contact.  SMWC requests that these relationships within schools are with the administrative staff.
  • Step Four – Submit a report of contacts and conversation to the enrollment office.  This can be completed via the online contact report form, or a hard copy form can be requested through the office.
  • Step Five – Thank your contact!  We not only appreciate your time and efforts, but also the time that your contacts provide to hear about the College.  Thank you cards can be provided by SMWC and mailed in advance of the meeting date.  Please contact enrollmentambassadors@smwc.edu or call 888-769-0013 to request your notes.

If you know of a student to refer, that is a great way to be an Enrollment Ambassador as well!  Please fill out the Refer-a-Student form.