Alumni Faculty Leadership Award

For Outstanding Faculty Leadership resulting in added benefits to students.  This award is presented annually to a full-time or part-time faculty member of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.  The National Alumni Association believes that by recognizing outstanding faculty leadership, it will, in turn, aid in the strong future of Woods Alumni. 

Nomination for Alumni Faculty Leadership Award (Word Document - 35.00 KB)

Past Winners

1992 Robert Martin WED Faculty
1993 Laurette Bellamy, SP ’52 Performing & Visual Arts Faculty
1994  Donna Dene Foy English Performing & Visual Arts Faculty
1995  Peggy Berry  Business Administration & Spanish Faculty
1996  Jane Curley ’67  Education Faculty
1997  Jim Wynne  WED Faculty
1998 Dr. Patrick Harkins English, Journalism and Languages Faculty
1999 Ellen Cunningham, SP ’61 Science and Mathematics Faculty
2000 Judy White Stoffel ’66 English, Journalism and Languages Faculty
2001 Jennie Mitchell Business Faculty
2002 Rosemary Nudd, SP ’69 English Faculty
2003 Sonja Frantz Education Faculty
2004 Nancy Mayfield English, Journalism and Languages Faculty
2005 Joyce Cadwallader Professor, Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Information Systems
2006 Kathryn Myers ’86 Associate Professor, Social & Behavioral Sciences Coordinator of Paralegal Program
2007 Lana Lytle ’98 Assistant Professor of Business
2008 Bradley Huffey Associate Professor of Psychology
2009 Sharon Ammen Assistant Professor of Theatre
2011 Brad Huffey Associate Professor of Psychology
2012 Michael Boswell Assistant Professor of Music
2013 Jennie Mitchell Business Faculty
2014 Sharon Boyle Associate Professor of Music Therapy

Robert Jean, Ph.D.

Sciences and Mathematics Faculty
2016 Lamprini Pantazi, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Leadership Development

Bill Riley, MFA

Assistant Professor of English

Note:  Previous winners may be nominated again.