What Does It Mean to Aspire Higher?

asŸ•pire high•Ÿer

: reaching upward to seek to achieve a particular purpose

In its most basic definition, Aspire Higher speaks to every aspect of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College: academics, campus life, athletics, community and faith. In each area of life at The Woods, Aspire Higher means filling each moment with a passion for achieving something greater. It means building on the past and using the present to create a better future. It is melding intellect and spirituality to empower leaders, direct ambition, attain goals, improve lives and stretch beyond the imagination. In each unique life journey, Aspire Higher can be found – the meaning always evolving yet always significant.

If any words could represent the spirit of the College, the very core of its values and missions, those words would be Aspire Higher. In the heart of every student, in the echo of every hallway, in the memory of every alum, in the wisdom and guidance of faculty and staff, in the very essence of the College, that is where to find these words – Aspire Higher.

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