Allen breaks 1,000 point scoring mark

February 20th, 2013 | SMWC

Senior Whitney Allen

It’s not every day a player on the Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College basketball team achieves an individual milestone that caps four years of hard work and dedication.  Earlier this season, Brittney Shaner broke the all-time school scoring record.  Since then, fellow senior Whitney Allen has achieved an individual record of her own.  In her game against Brescia University on Feb. 5, Allen surpassed the 1,000 point scoring mark of her career.  This milestone doesn’t happen often and currently only eight other Pomeroy players have achieved such a feat in their four-year careers. 

“I’m still shocked, exclaimed Allen.  “I had no idea I was even close, but it’s definitely exciting.” 

Allen had found out after her game against Oakland City on Saturday, Feb. 9.  It was Senior Day and Allen had one of her best games of the season.  Her steal and basket with 22 seconds remaining unlocked an 87-87 tie and ultimately won the game for the Pomeroys.  During the post-game Senior Day celebrations, head coach Deanna Bradley had some kind words to say about Allen and eventually made the official announcement. 

“This accomplishment to me means that all the hard work and extra shooting I’ve done since I was five years old hasn’t gone wasted,” said Allen.  It also means that my skills have improved over the years; however scoring a certain number of points isn’t what the game is all about.  I’d sit on the bench every game and cheer if that’s what it took for my team to be successful.  Scoring over 1000 points was just a bonus.  Basketball isn’t an individual sport, it’s a team sport so whatever it takes to help my team, I’ll do it.”

Head coach Deanna Bradley and assistant coach Aaron Ballenger have made a positive impact on Allen’s career and have helped her become the player she is today.  “Coach Bradley and coach Ballenger have both pushed me to become a better player and I’m very thankful to them for that.  I also would not be in this program if they hadn’t seen something in me that made them want to give me a chance to play on the team.  At times being a member of the team has been challenging, but I know the coaches wouldn’t put so much effort into making us better players if they didn’t believe in our potential and for that I’m definitely grateful.”

On Feb. 19, Allen played in her last game as a member of the Pomeroy basketball team.  Her 24 points in that contest against Spalding University moved her into sixth place in all-time career scoring at SMWC.  She finishes her four-year career with a total of 1,108 points. 

Coach Bradley couldn’t be more proud of her senior player.  “Whitney has contributed a great deal to the progress our program has made in the last 4 years,” said Bradley.  This year she had to take on more of the scoring responsibilities when we lost Brittney on Jan. 11 and she rose to the challenge.  She is a true teammate, focused solely on team success.  She has reaped the rewards of her consistent hard work by having her best season of her career this year.  It's always nice to see a senior finish strong and to leave feeling they have made an impact.  Whitney has certainly done this." 

Of course, Allen has many family members and previous coaches that she had to thank to make her achievement and college career so successful.  “I definitely want to thank my family for being so supportive of me throughout the years of playing, especially my dad.  He was always involving me in camps and programs to help me get better or rebounding for me in the dark while I shot every night at home.  He’s been my toughest critic over the years, but after every game when I hear him say he’s proud of me, it makes me feel more accomplished than breaking any scoring mark ever could.  My mom has also given me great moral support over the years and always kept my outlook positive. Since I started playing when I was five, neither of them has missed a game and not many people can say that.  I’m very thankful for having such loving and supportive parents.”

“I also want to thank my coaches, both past and present,” said Allen.  “I want to thank coach Bever, my middle and high school coach, for always believing in me and helping me develop the confidence I needed to play basketball at the collegiate level.  Lastly, I want to thank my teammates.  Everything I’ve went through, I have experienced with my teammates and it makes playing so much more enjoyable when you can share your experience with others that love it just as much.”

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