Update #9: Oakland City

October 2, 2012

The Pomeroys took to the field today at home against archrival Oakland City, and it was a match that didn’t disappoint those who wanted some excitement. Though the Woodsies jumped off to a 4-1 halftime lead playing the kind of beautiful, dangerous soccer that they are truly capable of, the Oaks clawed their way back into the match in the second half and were able to pull level at 4-4, a score that stood up through two overtime periods for the draw.
A number of Pomeroys played their finest matches to date, and the speed of their one and two-touch passing in the first half was a high point of the season so far. Outpossessing the Oaks by a 3-2 margin, they got behind OCU a number of times before the first strike in the 13th minute, when Sam Morrison slotted a ball through to Kylee White, who finished it for the 1-0 lead, the first of a rather amazing 4 goals for White in a single half. The next came in the 22nd minute, as Jandra Tellez got around the Oaks’ left side and served a ball across goal which was deflected but dug out and knocked home by Kylee White for her second goal. Oakland City got their first reply in the 35th minute, when Christina Haag found Carmen Van Winkle behind the Pomeroys and she calmly slotted it home for a 2-1 score. But the Pomeroys weren’t through. Kylee White added two more, both assisted by Sam Morrison for the 4-1 halftime margin.
Oakland City’s determination to get back into the game showed early in the second half, and Stephanie Solorza connected on a long shot in the 49th minute to make it 4-2.  In the 56th minute, the Pomeroys were whistled for a foul in the box. Christina Haag finished the penalty shot with a hard drive to Alex Haan’s left and it was 4-3. It was a rough wakeup, but the Pomeroys came back to their game and started dictating the pace of play and the possession again, with attacks creating multiple shots, and, in one such buildup, Julie Debish was fouled in the Oaks’ box to create a penalty shot for the Pomeroys. With Sam Morrison out with a minor injury, Amanda Loebker stepped up and hit a well-chosen shot to the bottom right corner, only to have it deflect off the post and back out. Still, the play stayed with the hard-working Pomeroys until, in the 89th minute, a ball slipped over the Pomeroy defense to an onrushing Missy Brown, who was able to drive the ball past Haan for the tying goal.
The end of regulation time meant two 10-minute golden goal overtimes. The Pomeroys had a solid edge in the first, but could not convert. Both teams played more evenly in the second, but that far into a match played at a high intensity, neither could put together a goal, and the match ended in a draw.
The Pomeroys’ level of play and tactical understanding has grown very steadily. In this match, there were long stretches in which fans could see the promise that lies ahead with this team. They are now 1-6-1 and travel to Ohio Midwestern University on Saturday for a 3:00 p.m. match.