Campus Program Student Experiences

What current students and recent graduates are saying about their experiences at The Woods:

Jade Scott explains why she chose to attend Saint
Mary-of-the-Woods College.

Stephanie Runyon talks about her love for the athletic programs at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.


“I chose SMWC because you are not just a number or another face in the crowd here.  We are a family. Your professors know you by name and you can walk down the hall in the dorms and have a two hour conversation with someone you hardly know. When you come here, it’s like finding another home.”

Jade Scott, a native of Rockville, Ind., is a junior majoring in journalism and media. She has worked on the student newspaper, The Woods, for two and a half years as a staff writer, copy editor and the Editor-in-Chief. She shared,  “While on the newspaper, I was able to create a great portfolio. I learned many skills and am now able to put the entire newspaper together on my own. I am proud to say that during the 2010-2011 academic year, The Woods received three awards from the Indiana Collegiate Press Association.”

Scott has found SMWC has allowed her to be actively involved in many activities on the campus. She is a member of the Presidential Corps, an Orientation Leader, a member of Who’s Who, and is a junior class officer.  She also works in the Office of the President and was able to help plan and coordinate Dr. King’s Presidential Inauguration.

SMWC’s female students fill all student leadership roles on campus. They lead classroom discussions, student government, laboratory experiments and community-based initiatives.  Having consistent access to a wide variety of successful female role models of faculty, administrators and alumnae tends to increase the aspirations and career achievements of female college students.

Like Jade, you too can find your voice and make a difference in the world. With a small campus, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College allows you ample opportunities to step up and make your voice heard.

Sondra Blake

Being at an all women's college helps me focus during class and stay relaxed. I can be open to discussing my thoughts and feelings without holding back.

- Sondra Blake

Paige Gill

Paige has some advice for first year students.

Don’t be shy! This is a new opportunity. It’s a new page in your life. Don’t be afraid to make changes and explore all of the opportunities that are here for you. 

- Paige Gill

Cheyenne Plummer

I felt by being at a women's college I would become a more empowered individual. From my experience at The Woods, I've grown into a woman who can lead and inspire.

- Cheyenne Plummer

Nora Dalipi

SMWC is a college that gives students many opportunities to grow, become independent intellectuals and leaders. It is a great place to be yourself and not feel judged for staying true to yourself.  It is a place where your voice is heard and where you can make changes.

- Nora Dalipi