Study Abroad

Do you want to earn course credit, while traveling the globe? If you truly want the world to be your classroom, then Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College’s study abroad program is the right fit for you.

Studying abroad gives you control of your future by broadening your perspectives and enhancing your professional potential. The growth and development you can obtain from studying abroad is unmatched. With more than 25 majors, SMWC students with a variety of interests can benefit from studying abroad.

Achieving cultural literacy in another country -- some understanding of another perspective on the world -- will deepen self-understanding, and will contribute to a greater understanding of your society and your values. You can dispel stereotypes through unexpected personal connections and encourage others to see past misconceptions about your own culture.

SMWC students have studied in places like Belize, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Taiwan and New Zealand. You can earn course credit, expand your career international opportunities and add knowledge of other cultures to your learning experience. Studying abroad takes backbone, determination and a sense of adventure.  The influence and effect of this cultural exploration will last a lifetime.

kelli-seida.jpg“This year, I had the unique opportunity to be on both sides of the study abroad experience. Not only have I been able to work with our international students, but I was also able to go on the Alternative Spring Break trip to the Dominican Republic. Having this unique experience has also given me a very unique point of view. When I became the International Student Assistant at the beginning of the year, I learned a lot from our international students. I learned not to assume anything; I learned to completely go against how I think about things to help explain things; I learned that traveling is about more than just visiting places and trying new foods: it’s about the people, the culture, the music, the way of life and even the social practices. I realized how brave you have to be to completely jump into a culture and country so different from your own, not only to experience it but also to get an education. I realized how brave our international students are. Not only are they traveling, but they are learning more about the world and bettering it through their different experiences. I have had so much joy and new experiences as the International Student Assistant, and I will definitely be sad to see these women return to their home countries. They have given me a unique year, and I could not be more thankful to them for their friendship and caring spirits.”
    -Kelli Seida, class of 2016; Music Therapy major

Frances Garrett

"I was nervous about this trip because I didn't feel like I had what it took to be a world traveler. This experience has taught me so much about who I am as a person and how strong I am as a Woods Woman. During my semester studying abroad in Ireland, I also visited England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. These are the things that I only thought I could do in my dreams, yet here I am, experiencing my dreams while I'm wide awake. It's simply amazing to think that I've done so many amazing things and met so many wonderful people. I can't deny that I've changed, and in fact, I embrace it because with every country and every new situation, I learned something new about myself and the cultures."
  -Frances Garrett, class of 2016; Equine Business Management major, Equine Assisted Therapy minor

Study Abroad - Japan

caitlin-kowalski-study-abroad.jpg“This study abroad experience will help me reach my goals because I feel like I am a more adaptive, independent and creative person than I was before I left. I have real life experiences working with all kinds of people. I recommend study abroad for all students. Being on your own in a foreign country is an experience like no other. It helps you to grow as a person.”
    -Caitlin Kowalski, class of 2016; English major, Business Administration minor

Into the Amazon Study Abroad


Programs can last from several weeks to several months and, in many cases, financial aid can be applied to at least some of the costs. 

  • Study Abroad Grants: Grants and scholarship opportunities may be available from outside sources. Here are resources to help you get started.
  • Learn More: For more information about studying abroad, contact Monica Baez-Holley.