In Their Own Words

What MLD students are saying about their experiences at The Woods:

Billi Jo McNeill

This program
 has helped me to grow in a leadership role. 
I learned ethics, human resources, implementation strategies, how to deal with different situations and creativity. Every class that I took seemed to help me along the way.

Billi Jo McNeill 2014 MLD graduate and Nursing Administration Clinic Informatics Specialist, Union Hospital

Rodney Dowell

To become a better leader doesn’t mean the typical leadership image—just trying to move people forward in a positive way —I am trying to make things better not just for myself, but for my family and my community.

Rodney Dowell, account executive at Ivy Tech Corporate College

Scot Kellett

I received a promotion to manager just a few months after graduating with my Masters of Leadership Development. When I sat down with the VP and interviewed, my education from SMWC put me at the top of the list. With strategic planning, finance, creative problem solving, human resources, and leadership in management, I was able to excel to the next level of management. 

Scot Kellett MLD Graduate 2014