Pomeroys Defeat Grizzlies

September 10th, 2010 | SMWC

Your Pomeroys travelled to Franklin College Thursday evening to take on the Grizzlies on their new artificial turf field in Faught Stadium. It was our third straight Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference opponent, and the Grizzlies were riding a perfect 4-0 record coming into the match. Maureen Brown was out with an ankle sprain, but Britt Simmerman was returning from her hip injury. Julie Debish would fill Brown’s spot in the center of the back, and the match proved her more than capable there.

The opening kickoff saw the Pomeroys dominate the possession of the ball for the first five minutes, but disaster struck on a counterattack in the 7th minute, as Franklin got several players behind the Pomeroy defense and Ashley Roell put away a rebound off a shot first saved by April Baranowski. Buoyed by that success, the Grizzlies began to create better possessions into the attacking third and started to draw even in the possession battle. The Pomeroys found their confidence and touch in about the 15th minute, and once again tore away at the Grizzlies, doubling their possession and creating dangerous chances. In the 29th minute, a quick passing series on the left flank started by Liz DeMoss came to Samantha Morrison, who set Erin Pugh with an excellent ball. Pugh made no mistake, driving it low past the keeper to level the score at 1-1. In the 37th minute, a right touchline buildup ended with a long service by Samantha Morrison past the keeper at the far post. An onrushing Erin Pugh buried it with a header for her second goal of the match and a 2-1 lead. The first half scoring was finally capped by another of Jessica Black’s long drives, this one after winning the ball back near the top of the penalty area for a 3-1 halftime lead.

There is an adage in soccer that a 2-goal lead is the most dangerous one. Though the Pomeroys began the second half playing some beautiful soccer and creating good chances, the Grizzlies would still have their own answers. A textbook attack by the Pomeroys which ended with Logan Jones finding the top left of the net was called back for offsides. A crafty turn on the last defender by Erin Pugh that left her facing the keeper 8 yards away went glimmering as she was taken down in the box without a call. Gritty play by Franklin kept them hanging in, holding their own in possession and becoming ever more dangerous as the Pomeroys tired. They finally scored their second goal, again on a rebound, this time by Anna Wilson in the 74th minute. That made the score 3-2 and possibly anyone’s game. But the Pomeroys pulled their composure back together and closed out the game in control to preserve the 3-2 victory. Erin Pugh was tireless, always a danger in front and often helping to win the ball back at midfield, but it was a true team victory, with a number of players coming off the bench to make great plays. This brings the Pomeroys’ record to 2-1 going into next Monday’s home match against St. Catharine at 3:00 p.m.

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