Pomeroys Host Blue Angels

September 27th, 2010 | SMWC

The Homecoming contest on September 25, 2010 against Kaskaskia College was a chance to haul out the time-worn soccer expression, “they died in beauty.” Your Pomeroys began the match having little trouble knocking the ball around, possessing through midfield, putting pressure on right away and generally having their way with the match in every place except the most important one: the scoreboard. In the first ten minutes the visiting Blue Angels scarcely had the ball and for all their athleticism were chasing, as the Pomeroys controlled the game. When the visitors were dangerous, it was knocking long balls out into the corners of the field and running after them. Strangely that strategy worked 13 minutes into the match, with a Kaskaskia counterattack catching the Pomeroys overbalanced as Brittany Toennies scored on a pass from Brehanna Farris. Though Jessica Black would have a good chance on a free kick drive that rebounded off the crossbar, the Blue Angels would score twice more in the half. Scoring once on a corner kick not cleared away from goal, and once on a long floating shot from Kelsey Miller that drifted over April Baranowski, off the far post and in with .5 seconds remaining to make a 3-0 halftime lead for the Blue Angels. In the half the Pomeroys had more than doubled the possession of the Blue Angels.

The second half was a mini version of the first. Though the Blue Angels only scored once, in the 77th minute through Chelsea Kirkley, the Pomeroys seemed unable to solve their problems from the first half. They could not convert possession dominance into scoring against a packed-in defense and gave up counterattacking opportunities. As the clock wound down, the Pomeroys got a lot of players onto the pitch, but never seriously threatened to gain control of the game. The final remained 4-0 in favor of Kaskaskia, dropping the Pomeroy record on the season to 3-4.

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