SMWC Volunteers Make Clay Bowls for Fundraiser

November 15th, 2013 | SMWC

Making bowls
Kathy Gotshall, Julie Debish, Jill McNutt, Anneliese Payne and Becky Ramp with some of the finished bowls, which will be dried before firing, glazing and firing again.

Within a three-hour timespan, over 20 people had gathered at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College to give their time and creative energy to benefit the 4th annual Soup Bowl Benefit of the Terre Haute Catholic Charities Foodbank.

The group, including faculty, staff, students and community members, worked with the clay at all stages of the process, from forming on the wheel to glazing and embellishment.

“This is my very first time working with clay,” said SMWC senior psychology major, Julie Debish. “I initially wanted to go into art therapy. I have some artistic ability, and I like it – art is kind of a hobby for me.” Debish enjoyed the process so much that she hopes to help again when the bowls created at the event are ready to be glazed.

The process of making a clay bowl is extensive. Once the bowl is formed and dries, it has to be fired in the kiln, glazed, and then fired again. Associate Professor of Art Therapy and Director of MAAT Graduate Program, Kathy Gotshall, assisted volunteers throughout the process.

The goal for this project is to give the Soup Bowl Benefit about 25 soup bowls by February. This event is a way to get people involved so that the goal can be met.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to support a good cause, meet new people and have a good time,” said community member, Becky Ramp, who also participated in bowl making and volunteered at the Soup Bowl Benefit last year.

The handmade bowls will be filled with soup prepared by local chefs at the 4th annual Soup Bowl Benefit on Feb. 1, 2014 at Maryland Community Church.

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