The Woods celebrates Ring Day

March 29th, 2011 |

For 89 years, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) Ring Day has been one of most highly anticipated events of the student’s college experience. This year was no exception.

“I have been looking forward to getting my ring since freshman year,” said Jordan Pirch, SMWC psychology/ human services major, psychology club president and junior class secretary from Terre Haute, Ind. “The ring is part of my identity as a person. It provides a reminder of my education and experiences at SMWC as well as the sisterhood I share with many remarkable women across the globe.”

Kathi Kortz, Pirsch’s mother, savored a swelling sense of pride for her daughter as she accepted her ring,  “I felt many emotions seeing my daughter receive her ring. To me, the ring symbolizes her maturity, success and how proud she is to be part of SMWC, ” she said.

On March 26, 2011, 100 students, including 28 Woods External Degree students and one male, received their Woods Ring in a powerfully moving ceremony. The ring is visible evidence of the tradition of academic excellence, personal growth and fortitude, which are the roots of The Woods. It is an enduring symbol that is far more than a piece of jewelry. It honors academic success and sacrifice, while demonstrating the pride and loyalty the students and alumnae/i share.

“Ring Day is a beautiful tradition here at The Woods,” said Elizabeth Marie Wright, social studies education major and junior class president from Georgetown, Ind. “I am so honored and excited to have joined such a special legacy!”

During the annual ceremony, President Dottie King, Ph.D. presented the unique onyx ring to each student.

“We are very proud of our students and their achievements during their college journey,” King said. “Earning the opportunity to wear The Woods ring is very important to all of our students - campus, distance and graduate.”

With its distinctive design, only SMWC students and alumni have the privilege of wearing the ring. The oak leaves signify knowledge, the six acorns represent the founders 

SMWC Junior Class Officers: (l)
Sara Goelz, Treasurer, Coatesville, Ind., Kindergarten/Elementary Education
Jordan Pirsch - Secretary, Terre Haute, Ind., Psychology/Human Services
Elizabeth Wright - President, Georgetown, Ind., Social Studies Education
Leah Miller - Vice-President, Jasper, Ind,, Pre-Medicine/Equine Studies

Mother/Daughter Moment:
(l) Kathi Kortz and Jordan Pirch, psychology/ human services major of Terre Haute, Ind. 

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