The Woods Hosts Mari Hulman George Thoroughbred Adoption

September 18th, 2013 | SMWC

Thoroughbred adoption

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College presents an opportunity to adopt a horse waiting for a second career.  These horses have the potential to be successful in a variety of off the track events.  Plan to attend the Mari Hulman George Thoroughbred Adoption, hosted at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) on Oct. 12, 2013, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

These magnificent animals that had careers as competitive racehorses now seek a new start in life in a caring home. Available for adoption are 10 thoroughbreds and one-quarter horse with ages ranging from two to 12. The horses are “green broke” and still require training. The adoption provides a new opportunity for the horses as well as the SMWC students who are caring for the horses on campus until the adoption.

Instructor of Equine Studies at SMWC Krista Steinmetz expresses gratitude to the Hulman family for providing practical experience for the students. 

“Adding this real world experience into the curriculum is great for our students,” said Steinmetz. “They are taking the classroom knowledge and immediately applying it to these horses.” 

She adds, “Working with different types of horses, especially those that just came off the track, gives students the same experience they will face in the equine industry.”

To begin the adoption process, read the biographies of each of the horses and download the application at  The application is due by October 1, 2013.

Applicants are:

  • Financially responsible for providing proper care and the $125 adoption fee,
  • Required to notify SMWC within 30 days of any change in the adopter’s address,
  • Available at any time for inspection of horse and facility, and
  • Responsible for transportation from the adoption fair by Oct. 13, 2013.

For more information, contact Angie McMillin, stable manager, at (812) 535-5003 or at

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