Woods Online Academic Honors July 2011

August 25th, 2011 | SMWC

Office of the Registrar
Woods Online Student Honors - July 31, 2011.

All students in the Woods Online program are considered for academic honors on July 31st and January 31st of each year.  In order to qualify for honors, students must have passed milestones of 12, 30, 45, 60, 75,90, 105, or 125 hours of graded coursework with a grade point average (gpa) of at least 3.5 and no incomplete grades.

We are pleased to congratulate the following students for academic excellence, January 2011 - July 2011.

Highest Honors (GPA 4.0)
Marci Arthur Special Loogootee, IN Education Licensure
Cara Braden Special Indianapolis, IN Education Licensure
Sandra Clouse Junior Cromwell, IN EC/Early Childhood MI
Allison Cowley Special Athens, GA Education Licensure
Carolyn Cox Junior New Market, IN Computer Info Systems
Julia Hamilton Sophomore Spencer, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Julie Haynes Junior Danville, IN Paralegal
Amy Kuhns Senior Greensburg, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Donna Lamson Senior Indianapolis, IN Accounting
Kathryn Lavin Senior Peoria, IL Business Admin.
Kahleah Lawler Junior Brazil, IN EC/Early Childhood MI
Amanda Marvin Special Ridge Farm, IL Education Licensure
Cathleen Morey Senior Stevens Point, WI Professional Writing
Brandy Murray Junior Laurel, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Rita Newton Special Lebanon, IN Education Licensure
Angela Patterson Sophomore Greenwood, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Debra Pavlina Special Dyer, IN Education Licensure
Judith Pike Junior Rio Rancho, NM Theology
Elizabeth Pilat Special Martinsville, IN Education Licensure
Darlene Radloff Special Danville, IL Education Licensure
Elaine Schoonveld Special Mulberry, IN Education Licensure
Sherri Shidler Junior Paragon, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Lana Shoaf Senior Bluffton, IN English Education
Nakia Slone Special Plainfield, IN Education Licensure
Jennifer Tayco Junior Murray, UT English
Dawn Turner Junior Commiskey, IN EC/Early Childhood MI
Alta Welker Senior Paris, IL Human Res. Mangmnt.
Kylie Williams Junior Sullivan, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Great Honors (GPA 3.75-3.99)
Nanette Acosta Senior Jersey City, NJ Psychology
Jessica Allison Senior Williamsport, IN Special Ed. Grades 5-12
Melissa Baker Junior Kendallville, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Valerie  Barrett Senior Lafayette, IN Human Services
Jennifer Best Junior Rosedale, IN Business Admin.
Carol Blake Junior Laurel, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Jamie Bohley Junior Bloomfield, IN Criminal Justice
Lindsay Brock Junior Terre Haute, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Jessica Broughton Senior Pasadena, CA Professional Writing
Erin Brown Senior Indianapolis,IN English Education
Patricia Burton Senior Veedersburg, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Monica Butz Sophomore Batesville, IN Math Education
Alix Cain Junior Greenfield, IN Professional Writing
Cara Caplinger Special Crawfordsville, IN Education Licensure
Athena Caudill Sophomore Bedford, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Brenda Clemons Sophomore Highland Springs, VA Professional Writing
Nancy Cline Sophomore Kirklin, IN Business Admin.
Lori Clouse Senior Terre Haute, IN Computer Info. Systems
Angela Coddington Special Lebanon, IN Journalism
Marci Collier Special French Lick, IN Education Licensure
Laura Compliment Junior Naperville, IL Human Res. Mngmnt.
Jenna Crowder Senior Veedersburg, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Jolynne Cruz Special French Lick, IN Education Licensure
Duane Cummings Sophomore Camby, IN Computer Info. Systems
Jennifer DePasquale Senior Terre Haute, IN Business Admin.
Rhonda Dressler Senior Fort Wayne, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Carol Eberhart Special Fishers, IN Education Licensure
Nicole Edens Senior Casey, IL Kind/Elementary Educ.
Dawn Faust Senior Nashville, IN Professional Writing/Eng.
Mary Kristen Fennell Senior Terre Haute, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Dana Franz Junior Chrisman, IL Pre-3 MI Education
Roxanne Gardner Junior Martinsville, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Brandy Garrett Sophomore Crawfordsville, IN Accounting
Shandi Gerkin Senior Bedford, IN Psychology
Lauri Tamara Gher Junior Lawrenceville, IL Special Ed. Grades 5-12
Elizabeth Giblin Senior Brownsburg, IN Criminal Justice
Joseph Greene Senior Terre Haute, IN Theology
Jill Harrison Senior Vincennes, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Steven Hartman Special Rockville, IN Education Licensure
Erin Kate Hawkins Senior Loogootee, IN  Accounting
Andrew Heacock Senior Lebanon, IN Computer Info. Systems
Halie Helgeson Junior Kent, WA English
Shiann Hobbs Sophomore Linton, IN Paralegal Studies
Sylvia Hodges Senior Bellflower, CA Creative Writing
Meleah Hoke Junior Robinson, IL Human Services
Allison Horning Senior Henderson, KY English
Kristie Hostetler Junior Peru, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Angela Howard Junior Terre Haute, IN Human Res. Mngmnt.
Angela Hudgens Senior West Terre Haute, IN English
Lori Huffner Senior Batesville, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Megan Jines Special Evansville, IN Education Licensure
Eric Kauffman Junior West Lafayette, IN Business Admin.
Jennica Kearby Junior Columbia City, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Candace Kelley Sophomore Terre Haute, IN Undeclared
Andrea King Senior Spencer, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Ronda Kozik-Mount Senior Terre Haute, IN Computer Info. Systems
Amy Kozol Senior Chicago, IL Professional Writing
Rayne Krebsbach Senior Minneapolis, MN Professional Writing
Joyce Kustwin Senior Terre Haute, IN Special Ed. Grades 5-12
Traci Latoz Senior Williamsport, IN Professional Writing
Kelli Lee Special Lewis, IN Education Licensure
Jill Lewis Senior Farmersburg, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Lisa Ludwig Senior Sunman, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Jillian Mann Freshman Evansville, IN Paralegal Studies
Tammy Martin Senior Shelburn, IN Business Admin.
Beth Mathes Senior Versailles, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Dianne Matthews Senior Section, AL English Education
Heather McMasters Senior Cayuga, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Reid Melnyk Sophomore Michigan City, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Kerry Munoz Senior Collierville, TN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Rebecca Murphy Senior West Point, IN Human Res. Mngmnt.
Keith Nash Senior Palestine, IL Grades 5-12 Soc. Studies 
Becky  Nelson Senior Lebanon, IN Paralegal Studies
Megan Nelson Senior Greenup, IL Digital Media
Allie Noble Senior Chicago, IL Accounting
Margaret Ornduff Junior Terre Haute, IN Computer Info. Systems
Terri Paul Senior Richmond, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Suzanne Pennington Sophomore Terre Haute, IN Psychology
Jasmine Pynn Junior Livingston, MT Journalism
Jaclyn Ray Senior Vincennes, IN Accounting
Tonya Reilly Junior Morocco, IN Human Services
Sheryl Rowden Junior Imperial, MO Creative Writing
Lisa Rudicel Sophomore Twelve Mile, IN Psychology
Scott Shelhart Senior Wheatfield, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Jessica Simpson Sophomore Indianapolis,IN Human Res. Mngmnt.
Amber Siscoe Special Sullivan, IN Education Licensure
Molly Smith Senior Elizabethtown IN Professional Writing
Tamara Smith Senior Advance, IN Education Non-Licensure
Brenda Spiering Special Covington, IN Undeclared
Tammy Stewart Junior Indianapolis,IN Theology
Gail Stout Junior Peru, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Jaime Swick Senior Noblesville, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Jessica Thornburg Sophomore Danville, IN English Education
Rebekah Torzewski Junior Indianapolis,IN Grades 5-12 Soc. Studies 
Judy Troike Senior North Judson, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Rebecca Vazquez Junior Columbia, PA Paralegal Studies
Eileen Vera Senior Wilkes-Barre, PA Professional Writing
Gina Virgilio Sophomore Terre Haute, IN Journalism
Nicole Wade Special Loogootee, IN  Education Licensure
Victoria Wagner Senior Houston, TX English
Michelle Walden Senior Paris, IL Accounting
Heather Warfel Senior Pittsboro, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Wendy Weathers-Flowers Junior Fort Wayne, IN Pre-3 MI Education
William Welch Sophomore Terre Haute, IN Paralegal Studies
Cory Widholm Junior Noblesville, IN Early Childhood Educ.
Karen Wilcher Senior North Vernon, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Lori Wilson Senior Greensburg, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Thomas Winget Special Indianapolis,IN English Educ. Licensure
Michelle Workman Senior Osgood, IN Special Ed. Grades 5-12
Christine Wright Senior Cave Creek, AZ Accounting
Megan Young Special Indianola, IL Education Licensure
Honors (GPA 3.5 - 3.749)    
Ric Allen Senior Humble, TX Human Services
Vickie Allen Junior Paoli, IN Computer Info. Systems
Elizabeth Arnold Senior Coatesville, IN Business Admin.
Tammy Boser Senior Bellbrook, OH Special Educ. Grades 5-12
Virginia Bower Senior State College, PA Digital Media
Cassandra Bukovack Senior Terre Haute, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Brian Burelison Senior Mooresville, IN Special Educ. Grades 5-12
Sharon Burton Senior French Lick, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Kimberly Butler Junior Indianapolis, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Deborah Cale Senior Mooresville, IN K-6 Mild Intervention
Alannah Cataldo Sophomore Goshen, IN English
Erin Clifton Junior Terre Haute, IN Soc.Sci./History
Janice Crane Sophomore Clinton, IN Accounting
Josh Creech Special North Vernon, IN Undeclared
Kellina Croan Senior Fillmore, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Christianna Cummings Senior Camby, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Natasha Dant Junior Washington, IN Computer Info. Systems
Dawn Davidson Senior Brimfield, IL Kind/Elementary Educ.
Pamela Davis Senior Terre Haute, IN Accounting
Ashley Denham Senior Salem, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Theresa Dirig Senior Fort Wayne, IN Human Res. Mngmnt.
Stephanie Dolan Sophomore Indianapolis, IN Journalism
Heather Douglass Junior Georgetown, IL Kind/Elementary Educ.
Ruth Dube Freshman Bloomington, IN Accounting
Angela Enyeart Junior Richmond, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Patricia Floehr Senior Fremont, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Melinda Frazee Sophomore Crawfordsville, IN Psychology
Sheryl Fulk Senior Center Point, IN Marketing
Vickie Glenn Junior Lafayette, IN Early Childhood Education
Louzena Marie Godar Senior Rushville, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Kaulene Green Junior Vevay, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Sara Greene Senior Coatesville, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Rahejean Griffin Senior East Enterprise, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Virginia Hardin Junior Magnet, IN Human Services
Angela Heitman Senior Indianapolis, IN Human Res. Mngmnt.
Catherine Hill Senior Terre Haute, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Holly Inboden Senior Oblong, IL Kind/Elementary Educ.
Alisa Jackson Senior Michigan City, IN English Education
Mary Beth Keller Senior Carmel, IN Humanities
Keeli Lamie Senior Attica, IN Human Services
Michelle Lang Junior Greensburg, IN Psychology
Annette  Lauer Senior Lebanon, OH Education Licensure
Megan Lawn Junior Roachdale, IN Accounting
Stacy Lovas-Pie Junior Bloomington, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Judy McCracken Junior Bringhurst, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Diana Melton Senior Paris, IL Special Educ. Grades 5-12
Matthew Miles Special Mishawaka, IN Education Licensure
Martha Miller Senior Indianapolis, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Candis Musser Senior Otterbein, IN Soc.Sci./History
Sousan Najafi Senior Napa, CA Mathematics
Carri O'Donnell Sophomore Noblesville, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Tiffany O'Farrell Senior Terre Haute, IN Accounting
Kaitlin Owings Senior Sullivan, IN Psychology
Dawana Page Senior Gosport, IN Humanities
Lisa Patrick Junior Morgantown, IN Humanities
Melissa Patton Junior Waveland, IN Human Services
Lisa Ramsey Senior Paris, IL Human Services
Joan Ray Senior Terre Haute, IN Pre-3 MI Education
DeAnne Roberts Senior Terre Haute, IN English
Lori Romanelly Senior West Terre Haute, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Candice Rosebraugh Freshman Merom, IN Accounting
Sheila Rude Junior Connersville, IN EC/Early Childhood MI
Shawn Schaefer Special Jasper, IN Math Education Licensure
Brenda Shaw Junior Brazil, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Kevin Smith Special Seymour, IN Education Licensure
Peggy Smith Sophomore Danville, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Rebekah Somerton Senior Rensselaer, IN Computer Info. Systems
Amber Stevenson Sophomore Colorado Springs, CO Marketing
Amanda Titlow Senior West Lafayette, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Carolyn Trimble Senior Allendale, IL Theology
Debra Vaught Sophomore Odon, IN Kind/Elementary Educ.
Jennifer Vokes Senior Indianapolis, IN Pre-3 MI Education
April Walls Special Palestine, IL Education Licensure
Erica Webb Senior Anderson, IN Pre-3 MI Education
Heather Webster Senior Bedford, IN Psychology
Denise Weddle Sophomore Terre Haute, IN Business Admin.
Ryan Williams Junior St. Bernice, IN Soc.Std, Grades 5-12

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