WED Academic Honors - July 2010

February 18th, 2010 | SMWC

Office of the Registrar
WED Student Honors - July 31, 2010.

About WED Honors

All students in the Woods External Degree program are considered for academic honors on July 31st and January 31st of each year.  In order to qualify for honors, students must have passed milestones of 12, 30, 45, 60, 75,90, 105, or 125 hours of graded coursework with a grade point average (gpa) of at least 3.5 and no incomplete grades.

We are please to congratulate the following students for academic excellence, February 2010 - July 2010.

Highest Honors 4.0 GPA
Name Year Major Hometown
Lisa Albaugh Special Education Licensure Frankfort, IN
Japheth Barrow Special Education Licensure Indianapolis, IN
Autumn Brosi Sophomore Professional Writing Sparks, NV
Randi Browning Freshman Undeclared Lawrenceburg, IN
Alannah Cataldo Freshman English Goshen, IN
Dianna  Clark Junior Accounting Perrysville, IN
Sandra Croslow Special Education Licensure Saint Francisville, IL
Ethan Crough Special Education Licensure Greensburg, IN
Rosemarie Elmore Special Education Licensure Union City, IN
Jennifer Enrietto Special Education Licensure Fort Wayne, IN
Lisa Foster Special Education Licensure Fishers, IN
Joy Gehm Special Undeclared Pittsboro, IN
Dwight George Special Education Licensure Georgetown, IL
Brandon Grubb Special Education Licensure Covington, IN
Rhonda Harden Junior Human Services Terre Haute, IN
Tabitha Harden Freshman Paralegal Studies Indianapolis, IN
Kristie Hostetler Sophomore Kindergarten/Elem,Educ. Peru, IN
Susan Hyde Special Education Licensure Robinson, IL
Misty Jones Junior Criminal Justice Terre Haute, IN
Jon Lambertson Freshman Kindergarten/Elem,Educ. Pittsboro, IN
Rochelle Marker Special Education Licensure Indianapolis, IN
Amanda Marvin Special Education Licensure Ridge Farm, IL
Ty Monroe Senior Theology Alfred, ME
Richard Ourand Special Education Licensure Indianapolis, IN
Angela Patterson Freshman Kindergarten/Elem,Educ. Greenwood, IN
Debra Pavlina Special Education Licensure Dyer, IN
Lisa Peretin Special Education Licensure Valparaiso, IN
Monica Purk Special Education Licensure Franklin, IN
Angela Robinson Junior Early Childhood Educ. Washington, IN
Carol Schwendenmann Freshman Humanities Greensburg, IN
Lana Shoaf Senior English Education Bluffton, IN
Nakia Slone Special Education Licensure Plainfield, IN
Shannon Smith Senior Pre-3/MI Education Rushville, IN
Tracie Speakman Special Education Licensure Plainfield, IN
Laura Spence Special Undeclared Mooresville, IN
Melissa Starnes Special Education Licensure Martinsville, IN
Amanda Staub Junior Computer Info. Systems Carbon, IN
Great Honors 3.75-3.99 GPA
Name Year Major Hometown
Rhonda Adams Senior Accounting Info.Systems Terre Haute, IN
Jessica Allison Junior Special Educ. MS/HS Williamsport, IN
Larry Anderson Junior Marketing Noblesville, IN
Barbara Andrews Junior Pre-3/MI Education Greendale, IN
Anna Bacon Special Undeclared Terre Haute, IN
Robbi Barker Special Education Licensure Paris, IL
Teresa Barr Senior Accounting Brazil, IN
Jennifer Best Junior Business Administration Rosedale, IN
Jo Dee Biddle Special Education Licensure Terre Haute, IN
Christina Bishop Freshman English Moseley, VA
Erin Boyll Senior Psychology Terre Haute, IN
Alicia Bragg Sophomore Human Resource Mgmnt. Columbus, IN
Erin Brown Junior English Education Indianapolis, IN
Sherry Brueck Junior Pre-3/MI Education Pocahontas, IL
Dana Buechlein Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Jasper, IN
Kimberly Bui Junior Accounting Terre Haute, IN
Kimberly Butler Sophomore Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Indianapolis, IN
Melanie Caron Senior Theology Milledgeville, GA
Cori Carrington Freshman Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Greencastle, IN
Debbie Clapp Senior Human Services New Richmond, IN
Laura Clark Junior Business Administration Brazil, IN
Valerie Clark Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Brazil, IN
Lori Clouse Senior Computer Info.Systems Terre Haute, IN
Angela Coddington Senior English Education Lebanon, IN
Carrie Combs Special Undeclared Lawrenceburg, IN
Maureen Cox Senior Psychology/Gerontology Coatesville, IN
Joe Cummings Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Montgomery, IN
Dawn Davidson Junior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Brimfield, IL
Cindy DeGrothy Special Education Licensure Terre Haute, IN
Jennifer Denesha Senior Pre-3/MI Education Bedford, IN
Allison Dixon Special Education Licensure Greenwood, IN
Heather Douglass Junior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Georgetown, IL
Rhonda Dressler Junior Pre-3/MI Education Fort Wayne, IN
Marie Dunlap Senior Psychology/Theology Bedford, IN
Dara Eckart Junior Psychology Bowling Green, IN
Nicole Edens Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Casey, IL
Melanie Eder Special Education Licensure Madison, IN
James Enyeart Junior Computer Info.Systems Richmond, IN
Mary Fennell Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Terre Haute, IN
Charles Foga Special Education Licensure Franklin, IN
Robyn Fox Senior Pre-3/MI Education Marion, IN
Kathleen Fromm Special Education Licensure Mooresville, IN
Lauri Gher Sophomore Special Educ. MS/HS Lawrenceville, IL
Elizabeth Giblin Senior Criminal Justice Brownsburg, IN
Amy Gillen Senior Human Services Decatur, IL
Cassandra Ginter Junior Special Educ. MS/HS Danville, IN
Bonnie Govert Senior Accounting Terre Haute, IN
Kandy Graddy Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Anderson, IN
Cherie Green Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Ramsey, IL
Joseph Greene Junior Theology Terre Haute, IN
Kathryn Greenslade Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Fortville, IN
Rebecca Gross Senior Mathematics Miami Beach, FL
Phyllis Gwin Senior EC/Early Childhood MI  Franklin, IN
Amanda Hagen Freshman Special Educ. MS/HS Edwardsport, IN
Shawn Halcomb Sophomore Undeclared Versailles, IN
Tania Hammond Junior Pre-3/MI Education Terre Haute, IN
Cynthia Harlan Senior Psychology Beech Grove, IN
Laura Harris Special Education Licensure Crawfordsville, IN
Jill Harrison Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Vincennes, IN
Steven Hartman Special Education Licensure Rockville, IN
Sherri Haymaker Special Education Licensure Fairbanks, IN
Lori Huffner Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Batesville, IN
Amera Jaradat Junior Journalism Amman, Jordan
Rayne Johnson Senior Journalism Sheboygan, WI
Dawn Jones Senior Accounting Paris, IL
Eric Kauffman Sophomore Business Administration West Lafayette, IN
Sharon Kemper Junior Human Resource Mgmnt. New Albany, IN
Laticia Kerr Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Bloomington, IN
Janet Kieninger Senior Business Administration Indianapolis, IN
Andrea King Senior Pre-3/MI Education Spencer, IN
Linda Kinser Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Coal City, IN
Ronda Kozik-Mount Senior Computer Info.Systems Terre Haute, IN
Amy Kozol Junior Professional Writing Chicago, IL
Joyce Kustwin Junior Special Educ. MS/HS Terre Haute, IN
Lee LaFontain Junior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Lizton, IN
Traci Latoz Junior Professional Writing Williamsport, IN
Gay  Ledley Senior General Business Casey, IL
Laura Leggero Junior Human Resource Mgmnt. Columbia City, IN
Tamara Litten Special Education Licensure Greensburg, IN
Rebecca Low Senior English Education Versailles, IN
Lisa Ludwig Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Sunman, IN
Mitzi Martin Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Middletown, IN
Debra Martinez Senior Human Services Terre Haute, IN
Beth Mathes Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Versailles, IN
Dianne Matthews Sophomore English Education Section, AL
Cheryl  McCann Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Sunman, IN
Trevor McConnell Special Education Licensure Ellettsville, IN
Judy McCracken Junior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Bringhurst, IN
Toni McGowen Senior Psychology Williamsport, IN
Leslie McGrew Special Education Licensure Seelyville, IN
Heather McMasters Junior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Cayuga, IN
Janine McNamara Senior English Cottonwood, AZ
Lori McNeelan Senior Psychology Holton, IN
Angela Melchert Junior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Fairbanks, IN
Lisa Mella Special Education Licensure Valparaiso, IN
Diana Melton Senior Special Educ. MS/HS Paris, IL
Christina Miner Special Education Licensure Brownsburg, IN
Cathleen Morey Senior Professional Writing Stevens Point, WI
Nancy Morris Senior Psychology Powell, OH
Kerry Munoz Junior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Lakeland, FL
Keith Nash Junior MS/HS Social Stds. Educ. Palestine, IL
Candra Nelson Senior Pre-3/MI Education Greentown, IN
Steven Nichols Senior Social Sci./History Danville, IL
Carri O'Donnell Freshman Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Noblesville, IN
Tabitha Patterson Special Education Licensure Switz City, IN
John Pavich Special Education Licensure Goshen, IN
Laura Pelletier Junior Mathematics Wells, ME
Brooke Pike Special Education Licensure Greencastle, IN
Crystal Plano Junior Accounting Elnora, IN
Jasmine Pynn Sophomore Journalism Livingston, MT
Lisa Rambo Senior Pre-3/MI Education Bowling Green, IN
Cathy Randolph Junior Theology Sparta, TN
Susan Reed Special Education Licensure Indianapolis, IN
Kimberly Reeder-Ward Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Marshall, IL
Rachel Renfro Senior Accounting West Terre Haute, IN
Sandra Rice Junior Pre-3/MI Education Sainte Marie, IL
Becky Roepke Special Education Licensure Versailles, IN
Angela  Rosandich Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Oxford, IN
Amber Ross Sophomore Accounting Info.Systems Greenwood, IN
Lisa Rudicel Sophomore Psychology Twelve Mile, IN
Christine Senesac Junior Business Administration Kankakee, IL
Amy Shipp Special Education Licensure Greenwood, IN
Molly Smith Senior Professional Writing Elizabethtown, IN
Peggy Smith Sophomore Pre-3/MI Education Danville, IN
Chera Steimel Senior Accounting Bloomington, IN
Heather Stiening Special Education Licensure Indianapolis, IN
Megan Strole Sophomore Accounting Roachdale, IN
Robin Sturgeon Junior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. West Point, IN
Jaime Swick Junior Pre-3/MI Education Noblesville, IN
Jessica Thornburg Sophomore Creative Writing Avon, IN
Rebekah Torzewski Sophomore MS/HS Social Stds. Educ. Indianapolis, IN
Judy Troike Senior Pre-3/MI Education North Judson, IN
Beth Trueblood Senior Psychology Sullivan, IN
Debbie Van Wyck Special Education Licensure Sheridan, IN
Dawn Viray Special Education Licensure Nashville, IN
Gina Virgilio Freshman Journalism Terre Haute, IN
Victoria Wagner Junior English Corpus Christi, TX
Michelle Walden Senior Accounting Paris, IL
Virginia Ward Sophomore Human Services Magnet, IN
Heather Warfel Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Pittsboro, IN
Erica Webb Junior Pre-3/MI Education Anderson, IN
Heather Webster Junior Psychology/Paralegal Bedford, IN
William Welch Freshman Paralegal Terre Haute, IN
Penny Whaley Special Education Licensure Goodland, IN
Beth Whitsett Special Education Licensure Frankfort, IN
Cory Widholm Sophomore Early Childhood Educ. Noblesville, IN
Karen Wilcher Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. North Vernon, IN
Amy Williams Senior Pre-3/MI Education Shelbyville, IN
Lori Wilson Senior Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Greensburg, IN
Susan Wilson Senior Business Administration Indianapolis, IN
Thomas Winget Special Education Licensure Indianapolis, IN
Kimberly Woods Sophomore Kindergarten-Elem.Educ. Paris, IL
Megan Young Special Education Licensure Indianola, IL
Name Year Major Hometown
Kelly Adams Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. N. Salem, IN
Kenneth Akins Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Carmel, IN
Melissa Allen Special Education Licensure Vincennes, IN
Ric Allen Junior Human Services Easton, PA
Jessica Anderson Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Centerville, IN
Diona Baird Freshman Psychology Terre Haute, IN
Sara Baldwin Senior English Education Waveland, IN
Kristy Beck Senior Human Resource Mgmnt. Brazil, IN
Joann Benjamin Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Tell City, IN
Tina Boillard Junior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Rosedale, IN
Tammy Boser Junior Special Educ. MS/HS Bellbrook, OH
Christina Bottoms Senior Journalism Carrollton, TX
Jennifer Brickey Junior Pre-3/MI Education Winona Lake, IN
Cassandra Bukovack Junior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Terre Haute, IN
Kara Burgess Senior Special Education Marshall, IN
Deborah Cale Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Mooresville, IN
Charity Clark Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Robinson, IL
Janette Clutter Junior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Terre Haute, IN
Abby Collins Senior Pre-3/MI Education Francisco, IN
Christina Conaway Freshman Early Childhood Educ Bloomington, IN
Elizabeth Conklin Sophomore Early Childhood Linton, IN
Erin Crain Junior Psychology Lafayette, IN
Dawn Davidson Junior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Brimfield, IL
Jessica DeVore Senior Pre-3/MI Education Cloverdale, IN
Theresa Dirig Junior Human Resource Mgmnt. Fort Wayne, IN
Cassie Doubet Sophomore Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Kokomo, IN
Cynthia Dunlap Senior Professional Writing Indianapolis, IN
Melanie Duscha Junior Paralegal Studies Lowell, IN
Jill Eberly Senior Psychology Pine Village, IN
Carmen Eltringham Sophomore Pre-3/MI Education Kokomo, IN
Patricia Floehr Junior Pre-3/MI Education Fremont, IN
Melinda Frazee Freshman Psychology Montgomery, IN
Sheryl Fulk Senior Marketing Center Point, IN
Brandy Garrett Sophomore Accounting Lafayette, IN
Gail Gastineau Senior Accounting Info. Systems Olive Branch, MS
Amanda Gilbert Senior History/Poli.Sci/Pre-Law Terre Haute, IN
Louzena Godar Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Rushville, IN
Brenna Green Junior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Indianapolis, IN
Kaulene Green Sophomore Pre-3/MI Education Vevay, IN
Cheryl Hagemeier Senior Human Services Freelandville, IN
Jeanie Hebner Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Westfield, IN
Catherine Hill Junior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Terre Haute, IN
Mandy Hofer Senior Accounting Info. Systems Greencastle, IN
Carolyn Howard Special Education Licensure Battle Ground, IN
Alisa Jackson Junior English Education Michigan City, IN
Gina Jennings Senior Business Administration Terre Haute, IN
Karin Jester Sophomore Pre-3/MI Education Coatesville, IN
Aimee Kendall Senior Pre-3/MI Education Seymour, IN
Brandye Kizer Senior Human Services Danville, IL
Keeli Lamie Senior Human Services Attica,. IN
Jessica Lees Senior Psychology Peru, IN
Jill Lewis Junior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Farmersburg, IN
Carla Lilley Junior History/Poli.Sci/Pre-Law Heber Springs, AR
Dorothy Loslo Freshman Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Wheatfield, IN
Sherry Max Senior Pre-3/MI Education Pine Village, IN
Terri McGee Senior Psychology Terre Haute, IN
Pamela Meeks Senior Digital Media Brazil, IN
Martha Miller Senior Pre-3/MI Education Indianapolis, IN
Vicki Murphy Special Education Licensure Columbus, IN
Erika Nail Senior Accounting Chrisman, IL
Steffanie Nitschke Farris Junior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Carthage, IN
Angela O'Neal Junior Special Education MS/HS Terre Haute, IN
Cari Painter Sophomore Pre-3/MI Education Ambia, IN
Melissa Patton Junior Human Services Waveland, IN
Bridget Payne Sophomore Early Childhood Educ Greenwood, IN
Brandy Pierce Sophomore Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Brazil, IN
Amy Powell Senior Psychology Terre Haute, IN
Laura Radcliffe Junior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Bloomfield, IN
Roberta Ransom Junior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Pontiac, IL
Amanda Sanders Junior Paralegal Studies Terre Haute, IN
Scott Shelhart Junior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Wheatfield, IN
Rebekah Somerton Junior Computer Info. Systems Rensselaer, IN
Heidi Steelman Senior Pre-3/MI Education Lawrenceburg, IN
Alice Stephens Junior Accounting West Terre Haute, IN
Kelly Stevenson Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Fillmore, IN
Kristi Strange Senior Business Administration Terre Haute, IN
Jessica  Thome Junior Accounting Terre Haute, IN
Amanda Titlow Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. West Lafayette, IN
Darla Trausch Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Terre Haute, IN
Caroline Trimble Senior Theology Allendale, IL
Rebecca Truax Senior Humanities Coal City, IN
Chaquilla Tucker Junior Pre-3/MI Education Merrillville, IN
Lachelle Turner Junior Paralegal Studies Terre Haute, IN
Eileen Vera Senior Professional Writing Wilkes-Barre, PA
Mark White Junior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Williamsport, IN
Tamara Williams Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Lafayette, IN
Carrie Witmer Senior Kindergarten-Elem. Educ. Chrisman, IL

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