Woods junior elected state president of Indiana chapter of Phi Beta Lambda

April 23rd, 2012 | SMWC

Katelyn Duke

When Katelyn Duke graduates in 2013, she will be a triple threat to her peers. Majoring in three programs, art, graphic design and advertising at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, Duke already has a resume drenched in leadership and creativity. As the newly elected 2012-2013 state president of Indiana’s Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) chapter, Duke is strengthening these skills by aiming creative ideas toward new challenges.

“Katelyn is a superb choice and we are proud that the rest of the state can also benefit from her work,” said Jim Tanoos, Ph.D., associate professor of business and faculty sponsor for SMWC’s PBL club. “PBL has given her a venue to find her voice and she has demonstrated quite often that she is the type of person that you should listen to.”

Duke, currently the vice president of SMWC’s PBL club, is no stranger to leadership, responsibility and stewardship. She competed in the 2011 National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Fla., regularly designs promotions for student events and volunteers throughout the community. As the president-elect for the state’s PBL, she is looking forward to tackling her new herculean to-do list.

“I am a person of many goals and I have high expectations in completing them,” Duke said. “As state president of PBL, I will be responsible for recruiting colleges, leading meetings, helping to choose keynote speakers and planning events at conferences. My main goal is to recruit more colleges and to be there for our members as a strong, positive leader.”

Many distinguished leaders step out into the world from the doors of SMWC. Ethics, critical thinking and responsible communication, all qualities of great leaders, are dispersed throughout the College’s academics and activities. Duke, a Marshall, Ill., native, will rely on these qualities as she embarks on her 2012-2013 presidency for the state PBL, while simultaneously serving as president for SMWC’s club.

“Juggling both will be a challenge, but I have always done well with time management,” Duke explained. “I will take one day at a time, and do all that I can in assisting both.”

PBL, a national student organization, prepares the next generation of business leaders for the challenges ahead. They deepen their commitment to leadership through national conferences, workshops, competitions and seminars. One of the newest clubs at The Woods, both campus and online students are encouraged to join PBL, where they work collaboratively on activities and projects.

“PBL lets our students step in and take on leadership roles that prepare them for similar challenges in the real-world,” Tanoos said. “We provide numerous ways for students to take the initiative to display their talents, such as Katelyn and her rise to president of Indiana's chapter.”

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