Bike Share Program Kicks Off

April 23rd, 2015 | SMWC

Pomeroy Pedals Kick-off Photos

Pomeroy Pedal Bikes

No bike. No problem. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) launches Pomeroy Pedals, a bike share program for faculty, staff and students. The bike share program encourages health, wellness and community, while decreasing carbon emissions and promoting a more sustainable campus environment.

The Pomeroy Wellness Program, in collaboration with the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation and the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce, enabled the College to purchase eight charming beach cruiser bikes. The bikes are Pomeroy blue with white baskets on the front and are equipped with a GPS tracking device. The bikes are available for anyone to use on campus.

Pomeroy Pedal People
(l) Jeff Winchester, Kristin Craig, Jenn Kersey, Gene Griffin, Dona Griffin and Rachel Leslie

Pomeroy Pedals is administered by Jenn Kersey, wellness and sports marketing coordinator. “This idea initially came from students a few years ago. The grant for our Pomeroy Wellness Program was instrumental in making the idea a reality. We have such a beautiful campus, and these charming bikes fit right in while also encouraging physical activity by all at The Woods.”

In addition, SMWC partnered with Jeff Winchester, owner of Pike Bike Shop in Clinton, Ind., Dona and Gene Griffin, of the Griffin Bike Park. Winchester was instrumental in the bike selection and assembly, and the Griffins generously donated bike racks that were installed in various locations around campus.

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