SMWC honors Anne Coveney at dedication ceremony

October 9th, 2015 | SMWC

Anne Coveney
Anne Marie Coveney, 1979 SMWC graduate

Just south of the Jeanne Knoerle Sports and Recreation Center at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) is a beautiful terrace overlooking a garden area. On September 19, 2015, a crowd gathered in this reflective space to celebrate the life of Anne Marie Coveney, 1979 SMWC alum and friend of the College.

Coveney believed strongly in higher education for women and supported SMWC faithfully over the years. Of Coveney, SMWC President Dottie King, Ph.D., said, “She was passionate about the College. In fact, so passionate, that when she left us, she left money to the College that helped build the Knoerle Center. So many people in her class thought so highly of her that a half million dollar donation was given to dedicate this space in her memory. She was a Woods woman in every way.”

Born in Chicago, Ill., Coveney grew up in Illinois, Ohio and Indiana. After graduation from SMWC in 1979 and completing an MBA from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, she embarked on a 29-year career in the telecommunications industry with Ameritech, SBC and AT&T. Coveney’s life was ended all too soon by breast cancer.

“Anne wanted to be remembered for the whole of her life. She was brave. We saw her daily courage,” said her sister, Agnes Coveney, OSU.

The crowd that had gathered for the dedication of Anne’s Terrace gasped in awe and appreciation as the large plaque was unveiled, revealing a charming portrait of Anne along with the words, “Inspired by the life of Anne Coveney, Class of 1979, celebrated as a member of the Fab Five, lovingly remembered by her Woods friends and family.”

“Anne was a true friend and a rarity and a blessing. Anne loved the solace of gardens. This terrace is especially fitting for Anne because gardens meant a lot to her, and it’s a great tribute to her as part of her legacy to The Woods,” said her friend, Cynthia Ackil, 1978 SMWC alum.

Anne Coveney dedication
The family of Anne Coveney with the plaque honoring her in Anne's Terrace.