SMWC Professor Kathryn Myers Becomes Author

November 25th, 2013 | SMWC

Kathryn Myers, Associate Professor of Paralegal Studies at SMWC
Kathryn Myers, Associate Professor of Paralegal Studies at SMWC

When Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Associate Professor of Paralegal Studies, Kathryn Myers, saw a gap in the available learning materials for her field, she decided to do something about it. Myers recently became an author when she wrote three books about legal research, writing and analysis. One text contains all three topics, "Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing;" one text is "Legal Research;" and the final is "Legal Analysis and Writing." She is using the comprehensive book in campus and distance courses.

“There are many textbooks about legal research because it is a staple of any paralegal or law school program. However, I have never found a text that not only explains what to do and how to do it but why,” states Myers. “I think that students need to understand why something is done; therefore, they can better utilize the other tools of what to do and how to do it.”

The SMWC paralegal studies program incorporates the Core Competencies identified by the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE), to which SMWC is an institutional member in good standing. A past president of the AAfPE, Myers serves as coordinator of the paralegal program at The Woods. In her 29 years at SMWC, Myers has had many accomplishments and opportunities that she is grateful for.

“I not only have created a wonderful paralegal program with over a 90% placement rate but also had the opportunities to develop and pursue other interests such as helping to create two criminology programs, teaching some general studies and teaching some political science courses,” states Myers. “I have also been encouraged to participate in national, state and local activities relating to paralegal and law.”

Myers is actively involved in paralegal organizations and frequently creates continuing education sessions on legal research and writing, as well as other topics, for programs sponsored by the Indiana State Bar Association, the Indianapolis Bar Association, and Indiana Paralegal Association. Myers has been active in the AAfPE since 1989, serving on numerous committees, acting as editor of The Paralegal Educator, and serving as President of AAfPE in 2001-2002. She has chaired and served on the national conference committee since 2002 and has been a frequent speaker at regional and annual AAfPE conferences, often covering research and writing. Myers spoke on the value of print research at the Nov. 2013 annual conference in Phoenix.

In addition to her position in the paralegal program, Myers is also the director of the SMWC Honors Program. No matter what role she is in, she always has the students’ best interests in mind.

“If I make a difference in the life of just one student, I am successful,” states Myers. “Seeing the proverbial light bulb come on is an exciting time.”

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