Pomeroy candidate for Orr Entrepreneurial Fellowship

November 12th, 2014 | SMWC

Amanda Payton

From 800 resumes and 238 interviews with many highly qualified candidates, the Directors of the Orr Fellowship chose just over 100 finalists. One of those finalists is Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) senior, Amanda Payton, the first Pomeroy to have made it this far in the process.

“I am constantly seeking opportunities to do more, be more and accomplish more,” states Payton, of Saint Bernice, Ind. “I appreciated the Orr Fellowship host companies and their dedication to providing valuable professional experiences right out of college. I believe in the organizations and the leadership opportunities they offer current Fellows.”

The Orr Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students seeking professional experience upon graduation. According to the Orr Fellowship blog, “The Orr Fellowship enables outstanding recent college graduates to join some of the most progressive, successful, and high-growth companies in central Indiana.”

Specifically, it is a two-year paid position at one of the 33 host companies, including Angie’s List, Orbis Education, WebLink and BidPal. Over the course of the two years, Orr Fellows will be mentored by senior leaders at their respective host companies, build deep relationships with peers and business community leaders and participate in professional development seminars and philanthropic events.

Payton expresses with confidence that SMWC has prepared her for the opportunity, and specifically notes that her business classes have been beneficial.

“The professors provide just enough information to let us create our own opinions based on facts and decide how we want to utilize the information to create and develop projects for ourselves,” states Payton.

To apply for the Orr Fellowship, Payton had to have higher than a 3.5 GPA, demonstrated leadership potential and strong interest in entrepreneurial business or organizational leadership.

As a double major, Payton aspires higher in everything she does and the list of her leadership roles is not a short one. Her roles and experiences include student senator, judicial board member and president of True Colors, as well as South Vermillion High School girls’ varsity soccer coach and volunteer coach of little league soccer for the Clinton Optimist club. Additionally, she works for the SMWC Office of Advancement and Admission and interns for the Wabash Valley Leadership Institute.

“It’s a very prestigious honor for anyone to make it this far in the process, but it’s not surprising that Amanda has achieved it,” states Jim Tanoos, associate professor in the department of business and leadership at SMWC. “Amanda has taken the lead in facilitating trips to Terre Haute Young Leaders club, providing valuable learning experiences to SMWC students. Her personal development has offered her the chance to be a game changer in an organization after graduation.”

After applying for the Orr Fellowship, Payton received an invitation to participate in Reception on the Circle, in which an Orr Fellowship board member interviews candidates. After that process, the finalists are chosen and asked to submit a 160-character personal statement, an essay and updated resume in order to be considered for Finalist Day. Once the companies review the materials from the candidates, they then choose whom they would like to interview.

Payton was chosen for an interview with at least one host company and will attend Finalist Day on Nov. 21, 2014. After Finalist Day, each host company will extend an offer to one or two candidates.

“I’ll admit there is a lot of pressure to be selected to be an Orr Fellow,” states Payton. “No Pomeroy has done it before! If I’m chosen, I hope to inspire other Pomeroys to apply.”

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