You have the potential to be a leader in your community, your career and your life. At Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, we see that potential in all of our students and empower them to Aspire Higher.

SMWC ranks on US News and World Report
  • Aspire Higher in Confidence. At a women’s college, nothing holds you back. You will have the freedom to think for yourself, voice your opinion and explore your interests. With a focus on critical thinking, leadership and responsible communication, a Woods education will give you the confidence to take charge of your future.
  • Aspire Higher in Community. You will have the freedom to explore your interests while making friendships that last a lifetime. Students can be active in clubs the moment they set foot on campus. You may serve on the student activities committee, attend a leadership conference, clean up a park or form a Relay for Life team. Students of all backgrounds not only lead clubs, they create them as well.
  • Aspire Higher in Knowledge. You can explore the world, from Greek philosophy to Native American art, ancient archeology to African cultures. As a non-profit, Catholic liberal arts college balancing between tradition and innovation, SMWC allows you to engage your mind, your imagination and your heart. With our incredible study abroad opportunities, you can earn college credit while traveling the world.
  • Aspire Higher in Spirit. Here you will discover an undeniable spirit that empowers you to find your voice to impact your career and community. The College campus offers a solid academic foundation and a unique spiritual atmosphere as a Catholic institution that is inclusive to women of all faiths and backgrounds. Our campus ministry program provides activities, mission trips and guidance to members of all faiths.

Since its inception in 1840, SMWC has been encouraging women to excel academically and empowering them to lead others with confidence, integrity and intelligence. Through our perfect blend of campus and academic life, you will emerge as a strong leader with defined goals to prepare you for life’s opportunities. At The Woods, you will be challenged to find connections, evaluate information, take a stand, think, choose and always Aspire Higher.

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