Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence in Distance Education!

The year was 1973 – the Vietnam War ended, the Watergate hearings began and a small women’s college in the Midwest challenged the traditional path of higher education. SMWC, the second college in the nation to offer a distance program, will honor this 40-year milestone with events, publications and celebrations throughout 2013.

“Our approach to distance education is truly one-of-kind,” SMWC President Dottie King said. “We aren’t a degree mill; we support our distance students academically, emotionally and mentally. We’re pioneers in distance education and we are determined to stay on the front end.”

This success comes from having a brick and mortar institution to add credibility to the distance program. The same professors who teach in the campus program also teach the distance courses. “We place a large emphasis on mirroring what we do on campus in our distance program,” King said. “Our success comes from a blend of cutting-edge technology and meaningful faculty interaction. We’re high tech and high touch.”