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Financial Aid

You understand the value of a college degree and SMWC is committed to assisting students and families with those educational expenses. In fact, 82 percent of all Woods Online students receive some form of financial aid which includes a combination of federal, state and institutional funds.

Important Reminders

  • 2017-18 FAFSA is available! fafsa.gov.
    • Why file: It is required for state and federal aid (including loans), it's simple and FREE!
    • Indiana residents: To be considered for state grants the FAFSA must be filed by the March 10th deadline.
  • State grant recipients:
    • 21st Century recipients - are required to successfully complete 30 credit hours per year to remain eligible for the 21st Century award. 
    • To maximize your state grant awards keep in mind:
      • Successfully complete 30 credit hours per year to receive the "On-time award". OR
      • Successfully complete 24 credit hours per year to receive the "Full-time award".
      • Earn incentives:
        • GPA of 3.0 or above 
        • High School Academic Honors
        • Associates Degree earned prior to Bachelor's Degree
        • Accelerated Schedule - complete at least 39 credit hours per year
  • Due to Federal Privacy regulations, all correspondence will be sent to the student's SMWC email account or student portal.