Support Team

Earning your degree online doesn't mean you’re alone. Our aim is to make your education as successful as possible by connecting you with every resource and counsel necessary to advance confidently through your Woods Online degree program.

Online Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors

We want you to succeed and being knowledgeable and prepared for the challenges ahead is the best way to do that. Your academic advisors are here to assure that you move through your program as efficiently as possible while meeting all academic requisites. We'll help you assess your goals and available time commitment, and plan coursework that fits your schedule. From enrollment, career planning, and graduation, we're here for you every step of the way.

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Tutors through the Learning Resource Center can provide hands-on assistance even for online distance learners. With the ability to access students' computers remotely, tutors can watch students graph coordinates on their own computers, edit essays, or practice for tests—all in real time. Tutors also have access to all class texts to follow along and assist with specific questions from the readings.

Online Student Phone Calls

The Personal Touch

To ensure you're getting the most of your online education, every new student can expect a call to address any questions you may have while becoming familiar with the online environment. We want to know how you're getting along and make certain you're comfortable as you progress.

Online Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors

One of our greatest resources are our veteran Woods Online students who have kindly made themselves available to any new student who'd like access to a peer mentor. They are happy to help acclimate you to online learning or offer firsthand advice on work/home/coursework balance.