Career Preparation

The Career Development Center at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is here to help you take that next step towards your future. With connections all across the state of Indiana and well beyond its borders, we have the experience and expertise to match the right student with the right employer. At The Woods, our career staff is committed to helping you develop your professional skills, find an internship and turn your superb education into a rewarding career.

The Career Development Center offers assistance with:

Start Early

If you start your career preparation early, you will have plenty of time to apply your education to real-world experiences. With time to explore a variety of careers, you will discover a path that fits your passion and goals. Further, by mastering the tools and habits of professionals, you will be ahead of your peers in the competitive job market. 

In addition to internships and supplemental learning experiences, the Career Development Center can help you prepare in the following ways:

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