Hulman Hall

Completed in 1969, the Mid-Century Modern style of Hulman Hall bears similarity to Owens Hall and Rooney Library in its verticality of design, spandrel panels & use of aluminum. The rough-cut stone in spandrel panels on the exterior is classically inspired.

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Hulman Hall Amenities

Woods Conference center

Capacity: 40+
Rate: $200 per day

Woods Conference Center

Small conference center consisting of one main room with adjoining kitchen/dining area and two classrooms. Between the classrooms and the main room is a small lounge and restroom.


  • Flexible seating arrangements - Use a combination of tables and chairs in various configurations or use the sofas and chairs for a more comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Maximum occupancy for main area is 40; each classroom will accommodate 20 people.
  • Dining room area
  • Full kitchen
  • Lounge area between main room and classrooms\
  • Computer/projector on portable stand
  • Portable projection screen
  • Wireless internet


Rate: $50 per day


Classrooms are perfect for small meetings and workshops. The typical classroom contains tables and chairs that are easily moved and configured to meet your seating requirements. Old fashioned blackboards combined with modern technology allows for maximum visual aids. Occupancy will be based on the specific classroom.


Hayes Auditorium

Capacity: 250
Rate: $300 per day*

Hayes Auditorium

Designed as a large lecture hall, Hayes Auditorium seats 250 people at individual chairs/desks. The seating is raked making sightlines clear for the audience.


  • Wireless internet connection
  • Darkened screens
  • Large projection screen
  • Computer/overhead on portable cart upon request*
  • Portable Podium with microphone upon request

*Rates do not include technical/setup fees.