Below find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Student Portal and MySMWC.

How do I contact my Advisor


  1. Click on the My Profile menu bar
  2. Click on the My Message Centerlink



  3. On the bottom of the page, see the list of Advisors assigned to you
  4. Click on the Email Link to send them an email


How do I register Online?

Online Registration is the process used by SMWC students to register for their courses. Your program may require you to meet with your advisor before you are permitted to register; this will be indicated by a registration hold on your account at the beginning of the registration period.

Note: Online Registration may not be available to all students or may be open only at specific times

Note: The instructions included here are meant to be summary; closer to Registration the Registrar or your Advisor will provide you detailed instructions. Check your SMWC email for information about registration dates and scheduling meetings with your advisor.

  1. Click on the Academics menu bar
  2. Click on Online Registration
  3. Select an Enrollment (if needed)
  4. Select a Term (the term code will be announced at the beginning of the registration period).
  5. Click on Begin Online Registration (if open)
    Note: Not all students may be able to proceed. Contact your Registrar if you are having issues.
  6. Initiate the Course Select process.  Choose the Courses to register for clicking on them and dragging them to the Selected Courses Sections.
  7. You may need to click Show All Courses on the left side of the screen to see all courses available to you.

Click on the Proceed to Final Step to complete registration.

How do I request change of my personal information?


  1. Click on the My Profile menu bar
  2. Click on the My Information Link
    Note: You may request changes to your personal information; some information may require verification by the Campus offices.


  3. Click on the Personal Tab
  4. Click on the Request Change button
  5. For Request Change, enter a message indicating what information needs to be changed and click Submit

How do I request an additional address on my account?

  1. Click on the My Profile menu bar
  2. Click on the My Information link
  3. Click on the Additional Addresses tab
  4. Click on the Request New Address button
  5. Enter the new information to submit
  6. Click Submit
    Note: This information will be received by the school registrar and added to your student record.
    Note: You are also able to request changes for previously entered information.

How can I opt-in to receive SMS Text Messages from SMWC?

  1. Click on the My Profile menu bar
  2. Click on the My Information link
  3. Click on the SMS tab
  4. Click on the Edit button
  5. Click on View Disclaimer to read
  6. Check the Yes checkbox to go to the next step
  7. Either Click on the Accept or Decline button to start using SMS Text Messaging
  8. Enter your Mobile Phone number
  9. Select the Mobile Provider from the drop box
  10. Click on the Save button

Note: You can Edit and reverse your changes if you want to opt out.

Note:  Please read the Portal Privacy Policy for SMS Text Messaging located at the footer of any of the Student Portal web pages.


What is a hold?

A hold is a restriction on your account. Holds may be applied due to Past Due Balances, Missing Documents or information, or several other reasons. Your Portal will display information about holds in the Message Center. Most students will see a Registration Hold on your account prior to the registration period and until you meet with your advisor; this will prevent you from completing class registration until you have met with your advisor.

What is an Alert?

Alerts in the portal are messages sent to you by SMWC Faculty and/or Staff. Alerts will be displayed in your Message Center. You should Acknowledge alerts when you have read them. This will archive the message and inform the sender that you have received and read the message.

How do I use the Message Center?


  1. Click on the My Profile menu bar
  2. Click on the My Message Center link

    Note: Message Center allows students to view alerts (short campus related messages), Holds and Advisor Information.


    Explore all the different touch points the Message Center offers!

    Note: If enabled the Message shortcuts may be displayed on the home page. Clicking on the links will take you to My Message Center.

  3. message-center-alerts.jpg
    Click on Alerts & Holds tab
  4. Click on the ‘+’ sign or click on the Alert Subject to read the Alert
  5. Click on Acknowledge Alert to indicate that the message was read
  6. message-center-holds.jpg
    Click on Alerts & Holds tab


  7. message-center-appointments.jpg
    Click on the Appointmentstab to view the appointments set up by staff



How do I upload requested documents to the portal?


  1. Click on the My Documents  menu
  2. Click on the Document Center link to open it
    Note: You can only upload documents that are in the Document Due section.  There are limitations to the size of documents to upload and the format.  If you have any issue contact the help desk.
  3. Go to the Upload Document Section
  4. Click the pull down for Document Name and select a document to upload
  5. Click on Browse button
  6. Navigate to the desired file location, select it
  7. Click on the Upload button to complete the process
    Note: Once the document has been uploaded, the ‘required’ document will no longer be listed under Document Due section

How do I view my Financial Aid Award Letter?


  1. Click on the My Financial Aid  menu
  2. Click on the Award Letter link to view your awards
    Note:  Within My Award Letter, use the link Need Help Understanding Your Award Letter to review your Schools’ FA Policies
  3. Select an enrollment (if available)
  4. Review the available Academic Years to view
  5. Click on View to open
  6. Your Award Letter will be displayed with each award being in the E=Estimated, P=Pending or A=Approved status

Important: The ability to make changes to the Award may vary by campus.  Please contact your FA advisor if you see any information that you do not agree with.

How do I approve, change or reject loans on my Financial Aid Award Letter?

Note: Within My Award Letter, use the link ‘Need Help Understanding Your Award Letter’ to review your Schools’ FA Policies.

If you have permission to modify and approve your awards you may follow the instructions below.

  1. Within the Award Details modify the award amount.
  2. Click on Recalculate Awards
  3. For each available award, check the  ‘Accept’ check box to accept.

How do I establish a payment plan for my balance?

Please contact the Business Office at BusinessOffice(at), to review your account and establish a payment plan.

To see if you already have a payment plan for your account, click "My Finances" then choose the "Payment Schedule" tab. If you already have an existing payment plan, you will see the upcoming payments with dates here.

What is a ‘Degree Audit’ or ‘Degree Progress Audit?’

The Degree Audit is a tool to help students track their progress toward degree completion. The system will organize the classes required by category: Woods Core (General Studies), Major Required Courses and Electives. If you have a second major or minor (shown as Areas of Study), you will see categories for those classes, as well. For students who enter SMWC in August 2013 or later, the Degree Progress Audit is a road-map to graduation requirements.; but the catalog remains the official determination to confer degrees.  If you have any questions about the information shown on your Degree Audit, contact your Academic Advisor. If you have any questions about the information shown for your Degree Audit, contact your Academic Advisor.


  1. Click on the Academics menu bar
  2. Click on the Degree Audit link to open the Degree Progress Audit

Note: Transfer credits will be part of your “earned” total on the Degree Progress Audit and SMWC is working to have all your transfer work fulfill specific degree requirements as applicable. If you have questions about your listed degree audit, please contact your Academic Advisor or the Registrar’s office.


Note:  You can expand and minimize sections by clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘-’ icons

Note:  If available, under the Report section, you may open and print your Unofficial Transcript

See Section:  How to View Unofficial Transcript

Note:  Under the Change Program / Area of Study section, you may use a wizard to help you determine the impact of making changes to your program. See Section: How To Request A Change In Program Or Area Of Study


What is a Prerequisite?

A prerequisite is a course that is required to be taken prior to taking another course. Some prerequisites may be taken at the same time you are taking the next course. If you have met the prerequisite requirement but the system prevents you from registering due to a prerequisite, please contact the registrar’s office for assistance at 812-535-5269.

If you are unable to register for a specific course as a result of transfer credit has not being applied to a specific course, you may encounter prerequisite errors when trying to register online.  Contact the your academic advisor or the Registrar’s office for assistance.

How to Make a Payment Online

  1. Click on the My Finances menu bar
  2. Click on Make a Payment tab
  3. Read the Payment Disclaimer
  4. Check ‘I accept the above payment agreement’ checkbox
  5. Click on the Continue Button
  6. Click on Add a Payment Method
  7. Click on Add a New Credit Card
  8. Complete all of the required fields and then click Save
  9. Return to the ‘Make a Payment’ tab
  10. Complete the Card Verification Number and Pay This Amount fields
  11. Click the Pay button on the lower right hand corner
  12. Verify the payment amount by clicking on Confirm Payment button
  13. Read the warning and click OK

    IMPORTANT:  Do not click refresh on the next Page to avoid duplicate charges on your account.

  14. The transaction was accomplished successfully when the system provides you a receipt number

How to Print a Receipt

  1. Click on the My Finances menu bar
  2. Click on the Account Information link
  3. Click the Payment on Account hyperlink to display your receipt
  4. Wait for the Adobe Report Pop-up to open and follow the Adobe procedures to view the report (See last section if additional help is needed).