Writing Center

What type of writing help do we give?

  • Idea development
  • Topic/thesis development
  • Organization
  • Research strategies
  • Proper citation methods (APA and MLA)
  • Grammar and punctuation concepts

Writing Center Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
Monday-Thursday 6-8:30pm EST.

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What type of tutoring is available?

  • Synchronous in the form of face-to-face meetings or live chat via Adobe Connect.
  • Asynchronous in the form of email feedback. The goal for turnaround is 24 hours.

Writing Center FAQ:

What type of writing can students bring to the center?

  • We accept all kinds of academic writing, including but not limited to writing assignments for Woods Core classes, outlines for speeches, lab reports, and longer pieces of writing such as Master’s theses.
  • Master’s thesis help should be set up throughout the semester. We will not tutor an entire thesis days before it is due (more on this below).
  • We will not help with take-home exams unless we have prior permission from the instructor.

What do we not do?

The SMWC Writing Center is not an editing service. Tutors will not simply read and correct student work. Their job is to teach and help the tutees grasp the concept at hand.  Students are expected to take an active role in all steps of the brainstorming and revision process. Tutors will not write on student papers. Unless ADA accommodations state otherwise, students are expected to take their own notes during the tutoring session.

Online tutoring works much the same way. Tutors will pick 2-3 concerns (starting with higher order-lower order) based on student need and requests. The tutors will comment only on these issues and not others that may be present within the writing. This way the tutor will be able to write substantive feedback without overwhelming the student. Tutors will, for example, inform the student that her thesis statement is missing, tell her why the missing thesis is a problem, and then write a lesson based around writing an effective thesis statement.

Can I get grammar and editing help?

Absolutely! Grammar mistakes are considered a lower-order concern, so tutors will generally work with larger issues first, but when needed or requested grammar issues will be addressed the same way. The tutor will pick one or two problems that repeat throughout the writing and teach a lesson on how to correct them. The tutors will also explain and model editing strategies so that students can then work toward editing their own work.

What can the Writing Center do for professors?

  • Classroom workshops (research techniques, plagiarism, source use, etc.)
  • Attend department meetings to discuss how the writing center can help your majors
  • Visit individual classes to discuss Writing Center services with students