Flat Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

“Journey with me.”


The spirit of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin exists within the heart of every alum and student. You first felt her presence when you crossed through the front gates of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and traveled down the Avenue, and she was with you during your college years. Even after graduating, her spirit remained, comforting you during times of hardship and lifting you higher during times of triumph. You are a part of her legacy, and she is a part of you.

Now it is time to show the world what Saint Mother Theodore Guerin means to you. As you Aspire Higher in your every day life or on your grand adventures, we invite you to take Saint Mother Theodore Guerin along … Flat Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, that is.

This next year leads up to SMWC’s 175th anniversary on Oct. 22, 2015. In conjunction with the year-long celebration, Flat Saint Mother Theodore Guerin wants to journey with you. Our 175th is about more than this special place – it is about all of you out in the world doing extraordinary things with the foundation of SMWC and the spirit of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin.

  • Show us where life is taking you.
  • Show us how you Aspire Higher.
  • Show us how Saint Mother Theodore Guerin lives on.
SMWC brings foundress to 21st century

“Mother Theodore's sense of playfulness, so evident in her writings, makes me think that she would enjoy knowing that she is being remembered in this slightly quirky fashion. The Flat Saint Mother Theodore Guerin campaign is a great way to show that she lives on and that the mission continues all over the world. I look forward to my first selfie with Saint Mother Theodore Guerin.” –Lisa Stallings, SP ‘74

Download your own Flat Saint Mother Theodore Guerin. Share your experiences and photos with her by using the hashtag #FlatSMTG. You can also submit photos by email to flatsmtg(at)smwc.edu.