Academic Information

Course Offerings and Schedules

Because of personal responsibilities or distance from campus, most students complete the majority of the program through our 16-week courses online, but please investigate the feasibility of other options too. Online assignments are uploaded to the course management system Desire2Learn (D2L). Online courses include written assignments, quizzes, discussions, and interaction with the instructor in either the 8-week cohort or 16-week format. Student login information is provided at the time of first registration.

Woods Online Course Rotation

This list shows course availability for upcoming semesters and indicates which format(s) each course is available in.

2014-2015 Course Rotation (PDF - 412KB)

Summer Course Rotation

The Summer semester is an 8-week term which is delivered May to July.  Woods Online and Campus students have the option to take the courses listed on the rotation to help complete their educational goals in a shorter time frame.  For students who plan to enroll in  a graduate program, an Admissions Navigator will help you determine if any of the courses are needed before you officially begin your program.  Students who use financial aid to pay for their courses, should contact the Office of Financial Aid Office as soon as possible to determine their eligibility for the summer semester.  If you have any questions, please contact the Woods Online Office 812-535-5185.

Semester Registration Schedule

The complete schedule or deadlines for all Woods Online students for the current academic year. For any questions or concerns please contact the Woods Online Office at (812) 535-5285

2014-15 Summer Course Rotation (Excel Document - 14KB)
Semester Schedule 2014-2015 (Word Document - 662KB)

Campus Classes

Students who live in close proximity to the campus, and have flexible schedules, have the opportunity to enroll in weekday campus classes at SMWC. Consult with the Woods Online staff or advisor to discuss this option. Students must register for their semester in August and January to consider campus classes. For campus class availablility, go to MySMWC.

Alternative Format (Hybrid Courses)

Classes in this format provide classroom experiences not found in an online format. This format is sometimes referred to as a hybrid course. They usually meet all day (most often on Saturdays) for three to five sessions. Occasionally classes meet on a series of evenings during a semester or several days in a row during the week (summer option). Alternative format classes require preparatory work before the class meets, as well as work between sessions and/or after the campus meetings conclude. Students have the opportunity to meet and work with each other and with faculty in a classroom setting. A $100 deposit is required to ensure a student’s place in any alternative format class. Enrollment is first-come, first-served, based on date of deposit or date of registration (payment at the business office).

General Studies

The General Studies curriculum is the foundation of a SMWC education, representing the College’s liberal arts vision and its commitment to the preparation of every student for a diverse and changing world. These courses are arranged in ascending domains, with a blend of required courses and possibilities for choices along the way to fit the needs of each student.

General Studies Options (PDF - 118KB)
ID 300 Level Course Options (PDF - 136KB)
Theology Elective Options (PDF - 75KB)