Woods Online Honors

All students in the Woods Online program are considered for academic honors on July 31st and January 31st of each year.

In order to qualify, students must meet both criteria:

Graduate honors information is on the Graduation Information page.

The following students are congratulated for academic excellence, August 2013-January 2014:


First Last Credit Hour Mark Honor Type
Belinda Alonso 30 Great Honors
Barbara Andrews 60 Honors
Janice Armstrong 60 Great Honors
Vicki Atkinson-Scott 30 Great Honors
Melissa Baker 45 Great Honors
Amanda Barnhart 75 Honors
Jennifer Best 75 Great Honors
Tamara Blevins 30 Great Honors
Monica Butz 60 Honors
Megan Caldwell 60 Great Honors
Janna Cantu 30 Great Honors
Melissa Chambers 12 Great Honors
Jonas Chandler 12 Highest Honors
Constance Chasteen 45 Highest Honors
Erin Clifton 105 Honors
Christian Close 45 Honors
Kourtney Cochran 12 Honors
Elizabeth Conklin 60 Honors
Sherri Cotner 30 Great Honors
Stephanie Dolan 90 Honors
Marsha Dull 60 Great Honors
Kimberly Dunnuck 60 Honors
Teresa Eddy 60 Honors
Janet Emmert 30 Great Honors
Angela Enyeart 90 Honors
Patricia Floehr 75 Great Honors
Melinda Frazee 90 Honors
Carrie Garland 45 Honors
Katie Good 12 Highest Honors
Rebecca Graham 45 Honors
Brooke Hartman 12 Great Honors
Genie Hemmrich 12 Great Honors
Leslie Hicks 30 Great Honors
Matthew Hicks 12 Highest Honors
Shiann Hobbs 90 Honors
Chenelle Horn 12 Honors
Lara Huffington 30 Great Honors
Shannon Jarrett 60 Great Honors
Michelle Jordan 45 Great Honors
Mary Knippen 30 Honors
Cynthia Komenda 45 Honors
Kelli Krevda 60 Honors
Kimberly Lammert 60 Honors
Athena Lebessis 30 Great Honors
Heidi Lovett 30 Honors
Rowan Lynn 60 Great Honors
Jonnita Mccleary 12 Highest Honors
Susie Mccrocklin 12 Highest Honors
Molly Meeks 60 Honors
Reid Melnyk 75 Great Honors
Sarah Melvin 12 Highest Honors
Tammy Meyers 12 Highest Honors
Terry Miller-Hornacky 60 Great Honors
Linda Nicholson 45 Great Honors
Philip Olinger 30 Honors
Amy Oliver 12 Highest Honors
Bonnie Osborn 60 Great Honors
Kimberly Parent 30 Highest Honors
Angela Patterson 105 Great Honors
Suzanne Pennington 105 Great Honors
Amanda Pereda 12 Great Honors
Diane Pfister 12 Highest Honors
Carol Phelps 60 Honors
Janice Price 105 Honors
Creed Priest 60 Honors
Kimberley Prothero 12 Honors
Jasmine Pynn 105 Great Honors
Kimberly Rabideau 45 Great Honors
Roberta Ransom 125 Honors
Kelly Reed 45 Honors
Melissa Reed 30 Honors
Kristi Rice 45 Great Honors
Ashley Rogers 90 Great Honors
Amber Ross 90 Honors
Ashley Ross 30 Honors
Alisha Roush 125 Great Honors
Lisa Rudicel 90 Great Honors
Laken Rukes 30 Great Honors
Elizabeth Sanders 12 Great Honors
Anna Seago 12 Great Honors
Tisha Setzer 60 Great Honors
Tabytha Seward 60 Great Honors
Brenda Shaw 75 Great Honors
Meredith Stewart 12 Honors
Kayla Stockdale 30 Honors
Dawnelle Sullivan 30 Honors
Tricia Swartzell 90 Honors
Jennifer Tayco 45 Great Honors
Holly Taylor 12 Great Honors
Jessica Taylor 75 Great Honors
Amanda Thompson 12 Great Honors
Dawn Turner 30 Highest Honors
Heather Vaughn 125 Honors
Debra Vaught 75 Honors
Mindy Velez 12 Honors
Angela Vowells 90 Great Honors
Darleta Wagner 12 Honors
Nichole Waterman 60 Honors
William Welch 90 Great Honors
Amber White 12 Great Honors
Amber Wigington 30 Great Honors
Virginia Williams 45 Honors
Candace Wilmot 12 Honors
Amelia Winkle 75 Great Honors