Leadership Summit - Leaders Bound Together:  Building Relationships that Nurture Leadership

Event Dated:  November 17, 2012

Event Recordings Available Below:

Welcome & Keynote Address:  Why Relationships Matter in Leadership - Elizabeth Jeffries '84

Keynote Presentation Slides:  Elizabeth Jeffries Presentation - Leadership_Relationships

Session 2:  Conflict Resolution - Michelle Itczak

Session 3: Group Dynamics - Molly Ellsworth '92, 10G

Session 4 & Closing:  Networking Tactics Panel - April Simma '02, Judy Hund '87, and Molly Ellsworth '92, 10G.  Facilitator:  Sherry Bube, Student Senate Vice-President






Leadership Summit: Leaders Under Construction

On January 21, 2012, Student Senate hosted their first annual Leadership Summit. As Student Senate, we strongly believe that the cultivation of leadership skills, as well as providing opportunities to expand those skills, will aid in developing leaders for today and in the future. The workshops included personal and organizational leadership, how to lead a discussion without stealing a show, everyday leadership and an etiquette lunch. To synthesize the information the participants had received throughout the day, Kimberly LaGrange, Prime Resources, Inc. of Terre Haute, Ind., gave the keynote address at the end of the event.

Blood Drive

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. On Wednesday, January 25th, 2012, Student Senate worked in collaboration with the Indiana Blood Center to host a blood donation event on campus. There was over 40 individuals who were able to donate that night, breaking our record for participants. A total of 42 units of blood were donated, which meant that through the effort of faculty, staff, and students of The Woods, we doubled our donations from the past four years. Through these efforts, we are able to provide the necessary and lifesaving gift of blood. Thank you!

Dead Monday

The Dead Monday Proposal was passed this year. This states that professors are not allowed to give any tests the Monday during the week of finals which fall on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of that week.  Student Senate will take the correct procedures for informing any faculty member and the academic department chairperson of failure to comply with the terms of Dead Monday.

Coin Machine

The coin machine is located in the basement of Le Fer Hall next to the ATM. It changes $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills into quarters. Student Senate worked for many years researching models, identifying the individuals who would be responsible for maintaining and restocking it, and getting the proposal passed to ensure we had the best possible coin machine. It took a lot of work from Student Senate members for the proposal to finally be approved, and for the coin machine effort to come to fruition to meet the needs of the students.