The Pomeroy Parents Association

Proud to be SMWC

The Parents Association at the SMWC invites all our parents to be engaged in the life of the College and that of their students. Whether you are a current parent, a lifetime parent, or a prospective parent, your students are our greatest treasure. We are grateful to you for supporting their decision to attend the SMWC, and we share your pride in their success. We welcome your commitment to, and involvement with, the College and the Parents Association.

Pomeroy Parents Council

The mission of the Pomeroy Parents Council is to help you and your family throughout your student's undergraduate career. We welcome your active participation and invite you to join us in supporting our programs and services. The Parents Association will keep you informed of happenings on campus and what opportunities are available to help enhance your student's experience at SMWC. In addition to developing a strong relationship to the campus community, you will be connected to other parents. 

The Council members are devoted to providing an enhanced experience for students. If you would like to get involved in one of our many events such as Homecoming, Christmas or Family Weekend, please contact Council co-chairs Kymberli Payonk or Lynn Dust.